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Adina Brunetti, AJMB Hospitality | AB 27 Group & Paid Articles




Adina Brunetti, the founder of AB 27 Group and AJMB Hospitality, creative director at Adina Creative Food and Hialeah Events, co-founder of Holistic Mind Therapy Institute & Research Center, and Author – Bio from Paid Articles

Adina Brunetti and her paid feature articles will leave you inspired and will motivate you to become one exemplary entrepreneur. Brunetti is the founder of the AB 27 Group and AJMB Hospitality in Miami. Her PR publishing articles can’t stop praising her expertise in the hospitality industry. Well, paid sponsored feature articles are used for self-branding so it is obvious that it allows anyone to glamorize themselves. Adina Brunetti’s sponsored PR articles stand out as truly unique and distinct. The level of attention to detail in her content drafting is remarkable, showcasing her expertise as a true entrepreneur who knows how to effectively sell to customers.

If someone invest in paid PR, it’s only worth if it is shared with the followers and clients to maximize its benefits. Such media coverage increases trust among your clients. Adina Brunetti can be seen sharing the paid publishing on social media as if they were organic, making them more authentic.


While her Skillset, Achievement, Struggle, and Expertise are undeniably true, the feature articles below are entirely sponsored and paid for.



Adina Brunetti works in the industry that requires great contacts and reputation and what better way to enhance it than getting featured in media outlet? Hence her investment in Paid PR is always a wise decision.  Brunetti had spent good $$$$ on premium and semi-premium articles that come with a Disclaimer and/or Sponsor Content and can be purchased from freelancing sites like, PeoplePerHour, or from any PR agency in package for $50 – $999 per publications.


Below publications allow anyone to post self-drafted articles and do not care about plagiarism or copied/pasted content or any fact checks. We might not be surprised if the founder of AJMB Hospitality gets verified on her social media platforms as these paid articles will help her get that blue tick, directly or indirectly.

For Example – Hauteliving cost $799, Influencive $99, RedxMagazine $49 etc.


We look forward to some real authentic media coverage featuring Adina Brunetti instead of paid & sponsored.


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