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Pohyal Stori, Afghani Entrepreneur & Fake Paid Articles




Pohyal Stori, son of Abdul Nasir Stori, a doctor, and grandson of Dr. Kabir Stori is a German-Afghan entrepreneur and cultural activist – Bio from Paid Articles

Pohyal Stori’s paid interviews and fake articles take us through his successful journey of becoming an entrepreneur. As young as nine, he started his career as a programmer. Pohyal comes from robust and political family background. Hence, he understood the importance of protecting the essence of Pashtun culture and language. So when he worked as an intern at Google, he introduced the Pashto language to Google’s translation system. At the age of 23 years, he owns several IT companies while studying computer science. For achieving such huge milestones at a very young age, Pohyal Stori has an inspiring story to share.

Pohyal Stori’s fake interviews and articles seem very inspiring and motivating but the need to get his paid articles done seems suspicious. His articles majorly speak about his family background, his efforts to get his mother tongue on Google translator, and his social work. Maybe to enhance his credibility among his people, he opted for these sponsored and fake paid articles.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]


Pohyal Stori, being from a known household, opted for paid articles only for self-branding. He wanted to enhance his authenticity mainly among his community and these publications have helped him get verified on social media platforms. He has been featured in semi-premium and premium publications. These publications help you directly or indirectly get verified on social media platforms.

You can buy the below-paid articles from freelancing sites like PeoplePerHour or or from PR Freelancers for  $100 – $600. These articles are so poorly written that it has so many spelling mistakes and are published without any editorial review.


When your ultimate aim is to get verified, then how can someone leave Indian Publications? Indian Publications are cheap and allow anyone to publish their content under their brand content program. Paid  Content gives you leverage to write anything you want, hence whatever we read is self-drafted and published without any editorial review. These publications can be purchased from media outlets directly or from freelancers for $100 – $200.

We look forward to more of Pohyal Stori’s Fake Paid Articles.


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