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Alexandra Squire: Journalist | Artist & Fake Paid Articles




“Alexandra Squire was an on-air journalist turned abstract artist who has now made art her full-time career.  She is the founder of Squire Fine Art.” – Bio from Paid Articles.

Alexandra Squire followed her passion for being an artist through her fulfilling and promising career as an on-air journalist. Alexandra was passionate about painting since childhood and eventually decided to change her career to being a painter. Since she wasn’t happy being in the media environment, she followed her guts and turned into an artist.  It’s not that only entrepreneurs need media mentions and self-branding, an artist equally needs to put their achievements and life journey to the masses. This enhances the credibility and helps in the verification too.

This is why Alexandra Squire’s Paid  Interviews / Feature Articles are worth the investment. She has also made sure that her followers be aware of her fake interviews in various publications by creating a highlight in her Instagram profile. Well, when you’re putting so much of $$$ into paid articles, you got to brag about it.

Flaunting Paid Articles on Instagram through Highlights: [ Which is now Removed  after this  article ]


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below  Paid  Articles ] [ Verified due to below  Paid  Articles ]


Alexandra Squire has worked in the media sector, she has worked as a PR as well, so is very well versed in the importance of self-branding and the methods through which you can get featured. Undoubtedly, she is aware that one of the methods is through Paid  / Sponsored Content.   When you claim to be the best painter in the fine art industry, then it is necessary to invest in self-branding and put forward your success story. This has helped her enhance credibility among her followers and served her purpose.

The interviews and feature articles published below are just a PR  activity where you write your content and get it published. This publication [ Flaunt, Khaleej Times, Village Voice ]  publishes your given own self-drafted content under their brand content. Basically, you are allowed to write anything about yourself you want and they will publish it. The prices for this  Brand Content / Sponsor Content vary from $800  – $1000. If not then we do have affordable options like  Disrupt Magazine, or Fox Interviewer available for $50 – $100 on


Many of Alexandra Squire’s articles seem to be the same with spun content on below-spam websites. Looks like she opted for some Blog Network to publish her articles on dozens of websites which has the same content and the same feel. Isn’t that spamming? These websites themselves lack credibility. She needs to invest in better quality unique content and in some better publications which are actual publications rather than some blog network.


Forbes is one of the most credible publications and getting yourself featured here would enhance your credibility and authenticity. Alexandra Squire is covered in Forbes Article by Annie brown along with another  Artist in this Article which may look organic. But it is just another paid mention. Looks like her PR agency really has good contact with Forbes. A paid mention on Forbes will cost you around $900 –  $4000 depending upon the type of mention [ Feature Article or Brand Mention ]. And who doesn’t know Forbes Contributor – Annie Brown? She is known to publish paid articles on Forbes, and we have covered it here on our website. She is now banned from Forbes after she is reported for her paid activity. 

Alexandra Squire is just another artist who used paid  PR methods for self-promotion which isn’t wrong too.


We would love to see her flourish in the art industry but in an organic way.


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