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Alexandre de Damas, CEO Damacorp & Fake Paid Articles




“Alexandre de Damas is a private investment and finance industry ace and the founder of the next-gen CRBI firm, Damacorp” – Bio from Paid Articles

Alexandre de Damas’s paid interviews and fake feature articles state that he was born and brought up in one of France’s renowned royal families and industrialists. Alexandre credits his family for teaching him the crux of business which helped him attain success in his life. He started his investing career soon after graduating from HEC Paris. He is also a co-founder and investor in several startups. According to the paid articles, he also founded Damacorp which is the next big thing in the CRBI industry.

Alexandre de Damas is a big name in the investing industry but still opted to get his paid articles done. Being to  Business, he understands the importance of Self-branding and social media verification due to which we can see him doing a lot of paid fake interviews and feature articles that you can buy for $50 – $500 which eventually helped him to get verified on Twitter and Instagram.

When you have spent so much on Paid Interviews and Feature Articles, then why not flaunt on Social Media? He can see be seen on Facebook adding that paid PR under his Profile. Looks like he is waiting for his Facebook to get verified with the help of these paid fake feature articles which are under his profile.


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to Paid Articles ]


Alexandre de Damas in his sponsored paid articles claims that he is a famous public figure and a self-made successful business which is True but not the below interviews and feature articles which are paid & sponsored.. When you are opting for paid placement, then you have the leverage to glorify yourself and your achievement through your own self-drafted content. These Publications merely publish any content you give to them without editorial review with a disclaimer. Some of them may look like organic content but they are not.

These publications can be purchased from any PR Freelancer or from Freelancing sites like Fiverr or For Example – Fox Interviewer $50,  Times of Israel $500, Haute Living $700, etc.


Many of the paid placements can be bought from the  Publication directly itself. This publication posts your content under sponsor Tag and costs around $800 – $1500.  These are a few credible publications and are widely used by PR  service providers for the verification process.  Most of his articles are around business tips and tricks.  It seems that his content team ran out of ideas to write his articles. The article does not provide any value to the readers because the purpose of this article with one purpose ” Name in Title ” which is mandatory for verification purposes.

Alexandre-de-Damas-Sponsor-Content [ Deleted ]


Entrepreneur India offers paid placement for $1500 while Entrepreneur APAC  cost $2000. So getting featured on only requires you to have a budget only. Alexandre de Damas can be seen in an  article sharing the spot with David Kauzlaric [ who himself did a lot of Paid Fake interviews ].  Both of these entrepreneurs have a common purpose – To post the article for Verification purposes.  Merging 2 entrepreneurs in the article is an old traditional method of PR service providers to share the cost of paid placement.

Alexandre de Damas’s entrepreneur article is 100% Paid, Self Drafted, and Fake.



Everyone is not the right fit to get featured on Forbes. However, there is always a shortcut to be on Forbes through their regional publication – Forbes Monaco. Forbes Monaco offers to publish any content for $3000. Alexandre de Damas’s Forbes article is another Paid, Self Drafted  Article.


He claims to be a successful Business and he really deserves to be on Media but not through Paid  Placement.


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