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Amjad Khalid, Dough Central | Jam Management & Fake Articles




“Amjad Khalid is the owner and founder of Dough Central, Forever hope foundation Jam Management Group.” – Bio from Paid Articles

Amjad Khalid’s Paid Interviews and Fake Articles explains how he founded Dough Central and why it is one of the best restaurants in South London. He has successfully run an Indian restaurant and banquet hall for 6 years before Dough Central. Looking at his articles, one can say that Amjad Khalid is very passionate about his restaurant and has introduced a very diverse menu for his customers. He is also a big travel enthusiast and took a lot of inspiration from fast-food places around the world to introduce a unique menu for his customers. In short, his paid articles and fake interviews seem to make his readers aware of his restaurant and how successful he is.

Amjad Khalid has invested a lot of $$$$ into branding his restaurant. Along with paid feature articles, Amjad Khalid does have some real media coverage about him, then why there was a need to get below few paid interviews and feature articles? The reason seems to be either Social Media Verification or Self Branding which he eventually achieved.  Well, this has definitely boosted his credibility among his customer.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to Paid Articles ]


When the articles are sponsored and paid, the publications accept self-drafted articles and publish them without any fact check. Hence you will notice the same content in most of Amjad Khalid’s articles. He has also bragged about having A-list celebrity friends among his circle in his articles and can be seen using the same images in all the paid interviews. Spending a few $$$ can get you featured in any publication you want. Some of his Interviews and Success Stories are spam publications that are always favorite of PR Service providers. This publication merely publishes anything for $50 – $100.  For example – An article on Influencive is $100, Ibtimes $150, etc


It doesn’t require rocket science to understand the paid nature of the Interviews and his articles by the fact that Publication does not care even if the same article is published  Twice. It all matters is their fee to publish the article. One of his articles is published twice. Real Publications and Editorial content doesn’t make such a mess. This is supposed to happen when it’s a Paid Placement.

Some Publications remain favorites of Amjad Khalid where he or his PR service provider publishes multiple articles on the same publications.

When you are looking to get verified, how can someone miss the below publications which offer anyone to publish their own self-drafted articles under the sponsor or brand content with Disclaimer? You can directly buy from them for $800 – $1500.



Amjad’s article on Forbes Monaco is a sponsor and paid article. Forbes Monaco charges you $3000 to publish your own article.  When you claim to be a successful business owner then it’s wise to invest some  $$$ in top-tier publications. Forbes Monaco is one of that investments.


Hope he gets opportunity to be on Real  Media instead of Paid.


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