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Andreas Matuska, Speaker | AMATUSKA LLC & Fake Paid Articles




Andreas Matuska, the founder of AMATUSKA, a speaker, a trainer, an Entrepreneur, a Philanthropist, and a Network Marketer- Bio from Paid Articles

Andreas Matuska‘s paid articles show two sides of his life, one where he showcases himself as a motivational speaker and another where he has expertise in Marketing. Before the pandemic, he had his articles around being a motivational speaker, and later he got his articles in some premium Publications as an expert in marketing. According to the paid articles, Andreas has helped a lot of individuals and motivated them to be better in life. He started his career at the age of 15 years and by the time he reached his 20s, he was earning 7-figures with his online business.

His expertise and achievements may be true but not below interview and feature articles published on spammy websites mostly sold on for $5 – $50.



Andreas Matuska‘s paid articles and interviews were done to enhance his credibility among his followers and readers. Most publications work on the Pay to Publish model which does not care about the content as these are paid ones. One can purchase these articles from any freelancing site like or PeoplePerHour for $100 – $150. As per content is concerned, you can notice that AMATUSKA LLC’s founder published his articles flaunting himself as a motivational speaker first and then as a marketer which is possible only when the articles are paid. This happens because the Publications do not care about the content or plagiarism.


Motivation Speaker, Andreas Matuska understands the importance of self-branding and hence we can see him invested in whatever option someone can get in terms of paid placement.  Indian  Publications are known for their brand content posting which is cheap and easy to publish any content without any editorial review. For example – Mid Day $100, The Statesman $150, etc.



As discussed earlier, Andreas Matuska’s recent articles on and are around he being expertise in Marketing. Getting featured in the top tier requires credibility and when you do not have enough credibility then you can always get featured using their paid option ( Brand  Content. ) Publication like Forbes and Entrepreneur has sub-region such as Forbes Moncao and Entrepreneur India respectively which allow anyone to publish their success stories/feature for $1500 – $2500. Anything posted here is just Self-drafted and Paid.

Paid Forbes Monaco –

Paid –


When you claim to be a Marketing Rockstar then it’s wise to invest in Paid Interviews and Feature Articles.


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