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Anthony DeGalbo, OnlyOptionsTrades & Fake Paid Articles



“Anthony DeGalbo is an American Entrepreneur and the Founder of OnlyOptionsTrades and” – Bio from Paid Article

Anthony DeGalbo’s fake interviews and paid feature article describe him as a successful entrepreneur and founder. During the pandemic, he realized the demand for financial education which led to OnlyOptionsTraders. This program focused on educating Millenials about the stock market so they could earn a second source of income. The paid articles also mentioned that Anthony DeGalbo earned $3 million in the first year of their business. It also stated that its approach is more education-first, and profit-second. Having said that, a feature article would not only enhance credibility but also helps in verification. This indirectly helps in increasing trust in OnlyOptionsTrades.

Since when you are investing in paid placement, it is advisable to use it for branding and marketing which he wisely did in his website. Instead of saying “What people have Wrote“, it should be “Paid“.


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Old Insta that is used in Paid Articles ]


Below are some Wiki-like websites where you can create profiles similar to Wikipedia with your desired information. This profile creation can be created merely for $50 – $100.  These profiles are usually sold in packages for verification.  Hope he gets verified using the profiles on the below websites.


Anthony DeGalbo has got his articles published in semi-premium and premium Publications which means, one can write whatever he/she feels like and no publication will care about the copy-pasted content or plagiarism when it is brand and sponsored content. You will also notice that most of his articles are monotonous and mediocre. He didn’t care much about the content posted in these publications. Anthony has published most of his articles assuming that it supports social media verification, so can assume that his main objective would be to get the blue tick on his profile. This blue tick will not only enhance his credibility and authenticity among his clients and readers but also increase trust among his followers.


Most of Anthony DeGalbo’s interviews and feature articles are with  Disclaimer which we call  Brand Content / Sponsored Content and anyone can publish their own article for $100 – $500. Many of his articles are written just with one purpose ” Name in Title” without giving much value to readers. Many of the articles have his old Instagram which he changed later.



Having credibility or having an inspiring success story is no more a criteria to get featured on Forbes. With help of a PR service provider, all it takes is a budget of $2000  – $5000. There are many Forbes contributors who offer paid placement in a natural way. Mike Swigunski is one of the contributors which we exposed in our publication and his authorship is revoked. Anthony DeGalbo’s Forbes article is a paid feature article.


We hope these paid interview and feature article helps Anthony DeGalbo and his OnlyOptionsTrades.


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