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Ariel Carr, Instagram Business & Fake Paid Interviews



Ariel-Carr Adams

“Ariel Carr ( Ariel Adams Carr ) is an Instagram Mentor / Coach teaching people to monetize their social media platforms ”  – Bio from Paid Articles

Ariel Carr, known to be an Instagram mentor/coach, teaches people through her online courses and e-books how to monetize their social media platforms. In her Paid Interviews and  Success Stories,  she claims to make $100,000 in 90 days by monetizing Instagram and She is on the journey to teach others how to do the same. She can be seen on Instagram promoting her Instagram monetizing program. A life-changing master’s program that has helped her and can help others to earn $$$$ and is always available for a discounted price. If her course is foolproof and can monetize Instagram so well, then why she is wasting time selling the program? Why not replicate it and make millions herself?  Just curious. !!

If you browse her website, you will find some below press mentions in her website and you will also find many articles on Google too. That will get you thinking that they are organic Coverage! But in reality, they are paid Articles that she paid to promote herself.




Ariel Adam Carr in her paid articles shares tips around the digital niche. Her being from a Digital background is well aware of self-branding and self-promotion and she has done an excellent job at keeping herself in the Google Search. So-called IG Expert Ariel Carr’s article glamourizes how she used Instagram to monetize to gain $$$$ which may be true or may not. But the Success Stories / Interviews or the Opinion  Based  Articles are 100% Self Drafted, Fake, and Paid which you can buy from any freelancing site for $50 – $100.

Ariel-CarrHere is the List of Paid Articles.

Who doesn’t know about Futuresharks and Influencive? Like you pay $150 and you can publish your Feature Article.


Getting Featured in Forbes is not a cakewalk but requires you to have a lot of credibility in your niche. But when you have a budget of $1000 – $1500, you ca n get featured on Forbes India. Forbes India allows you to publish your own desired content under Brand Connect. This is why many entrepreneurs listed in our publication can be seen either on Forbes India or Forbes Monaco.

Forbes-India-Ariel-CarrHer Article ” This Millennial Entrepreneur launched an e-book that profited $20,000 in 3 weeks through Social Media”  seems a little overhyped. Since this is anyhow Paid Placement, you are free to write or glorify yourself in any way you want. The PR agency did a great job in regard to the content writing which glamorized her story in the best way possible. Finally, she can say that she is featured in Forbes.

Hope we will find some organic feature articles about Ariel Carr, not the paid ones like above


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