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Bashar J Katou, Founder BJK University & Fake Paid Articles




Bashar J Katou is an Iraqi-born and American-settled entrepreneur, public speaker, and founder of BJK University – Bio from Paid Articles

Bashar Katou‘s paid articles and interviews focus on his successful teaching platform, BJK University, and his amazon coaching program. Bashar Katou is that guy you will notice on Youtube and Instagram ads. He has become so noticeable on the internet that you just can’t avoid him, especially with his mustache. His story starts with how the restaurant where he had invested thousands of dollars burned down to the ground after a kitchen fire and lost everything. That’s when he discovered Amazon FBA and eventually started earning by selling on Amazon.

Bashar Katou paid interviews and feature articles claim that he is on a Mission To Impact 1 Million Lives which is the Tag line of BJK University. His most of self-posted paid articles are around criticizing around traditional-education which gives no value to the reader but is written for purpose of PR  and Branding.

His services have some mixed reviews which we will not explore but will focus on exploring his paid articles. Please note that his achievements, expertise, and skillset may be real but not his below interviews and feature articles which are brand content that is self-explanatory of being paid and self-drafted. 

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Deleted Now ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]


Bashar Katou‘s paid feature article describes himself as a seven-figure Amazon FBA seller. He claims that most people never make money with Amazon FBA because they try to figure everything out independently but he promises that has a winning formula which he teaches in his Amazon FBA training. Just wondering if someone is really making money with the so-called winning formula why not they just rinse and repeat instead of selling courses? The universal fact is that Amazon Coaches & Gurus make 6 – 7 figures by selling courses, not by selling actual products on amazon [ personal opinion ]

The founder of  BJK University is well aware of self-branding and has invested a good amount of $$$$ on semi-premium and premium Publications. These paid articles have helped him get verified on social media platforms which has enhanced his credibility and authenticity among his students and readers. After all, the money spent on these paid articles was totally worth it. A few of Bashar Katou‘s articles may look like it is organic but the fact doesn’t change that these articles are available to purchase from the publication itself with a fee or from any PR freelancer.

These publications merely publish anything under their brand content program / sponsored program with a disclaimer without any editorial review.  So Basically you read anything here is Self-drafted and Posted. For Example, Mid Day cost $100, DailyCaller $800, Times of Israel $800, etc.



Bashar Katou’s Forbes Monaco article is paid content that anyone publishes as long you have a budget of $2500 – $3000. Feature articles on Forbes Monaco can be directly purchased from the publication itself. They can publish any content with a disclaimer. Since the publishing is paid, you have the leverage to claim or write anything in you want.


His above-paid feature articles were really worth the investment. Hope to see some real coverage in the future.



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