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Brian Underwood, Founder Pruvit & Fake Paid Articles




Brian Underwood, Lifelong investor, entrepreneur, the founder of iZigg and Rippln, CEO and Co-Founder of Prüvit and runs a PodCast ” Be You with BU” – Bio from Paid Articles

Brian Underwood and his paid articles describe his life journey in detail. He faced a lot of failures in his journey which led to the multi-billionaire company Prüvit which he co-founded with his two close friends. According to his paid articles, Brian has grown his business through community development. He is one of the few entrepreneurs on social media who is creating, growing, and leading a company to great heights. To maximize his reach and help as many people as possible, Underwood started a popular podcast, ‘Be You with BU‘.

Throughout his feature articles and paid interviews, Brian is trying to promote his company and podcast. His life’s achievements, struggles, and life’s journey are true but not the below interview and success stories. They are 100% Paid.  The main purpose of these paid articles is to promote and reach out to the targeted audience, which is serving him the same. His articles are very well-written and seem very organic but do not provide any value to the readers. He has spent a good $$$ on his content team in order to make these articles seem authentic.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]



Brain Underwood’s paid articles seem to be done in order to get his Social Media profiles verified. He is verified on Facebook with the help of these paid articles. The blue tick holds utmost importance as it helps in building trust among the followers and enhances credibility among the targeted audience. Brian’s most of interviews and success stories are published in publications that are known for Sponsored and Brand Content which are self-explanatory of being paid. These publications charge anywhere from $499 – $999 to publish your own drafted content. Since you are paying for publishing then you have the freedom to self-glamorize as you like. The advantage of paid publishing is that there is No Validation, No Editorial Review. Anyone can buy them from the publication directly or through a PR agency/freelancer who sells them in a PR Package.


Many of his feature articles may look organic and real but these are also paid articles. These publications can be bought from Fiverr or PeoplePerHour or Swapd for $50 – $100. These publications merely publish anything as long you pay the publishing fee.  For Example  – Future Shark charges $275, laweekly $350, etc.


Some Publications seem favorites of Brian Underwood. For example – Mens Journal only cost $1000 – $1999.


Everyone is not credible to get featured on Premium outlets like USA TODAY  OR CHICAGO TRIBUNE. However, these publications also offer paid posts through their brand content / sponsored content. The CEO and Co-Founder of Pruvit understand the importance of paid PR.  It all takes a budget of $2000 – $3000 to get featured in this publication.



When you are creating Billion-Dollar Brand, it is wise to invest $$$$ in paid PR


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