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Bryce Monkivitch, Sincere Sally & Fake Paid Articles




Bryce Monkivitch, an Australian E-Commerce CEO, Digital Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, and Founder of Sincere Sally, Professional MMA fighter – Bio from Paid Articles

Bryce Monkivitch and his paid articles share the most motivational and inspiring story of his successful journey. Founder of Sincere Sally, Monkivitch started this fashion brand with his sister which turned out to be a huge success in US and Australia. Bryce is seen boosting a lot about his journey from being a total beginner to being a master of E-commerce. Monkivitch has also launched two apps along with his E-commerce ventures which provides job to individuals worldwide. Along with Sincere Sally, Monkivitch has more three female fashion brands. For an entrepreneur at the age of 30, owning multiple 7 figure fashion brands is a huge success and an inspiration for upcoming entrepreneurs. His achievements and struggle are real but below are interviews and success stories. These paid articles can be purchased ranging from $40 – $999 depending on the publication or can be purchased in a PR package as well.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]



Bryce Monkivitch has tons of paid articles done in semi-premium and premium Publications that come with a Disclaimer as “Brand Content” or “Sponsored Content” that can be purchased from the publications for $499 – $999. One of his paid articles is around “Travel Tips” which seems irrelevant when you are into fashion. Such articles are published without fact checks when they are paid and the Publications do not care about the content as these are self-drafted articles. It’s all take a budget of paid PR to claim yourself successfully in the articles.


Along with the above Publications, Bryce Monkivitchalso got his articles on a few spam sites as well. These spam articles have helped him increase his name mention on Google. Such tactics are used by Paid PR agencies that help their client increase their google ranking on the internet. Spending a good amount of $$$$ has helped Monkivitch to build an online reputation and it is kind of necessary to get your account verified when you want to increase trust among his followers.  Publications like LondonPost, Influencive, and American  Reporter cost $49 – $99.

A successful entrepreneur does not need to do such paid articles. Hope he gets some real coverage.


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