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Carter Jamison, Gateways Giveaways & Fake Paid Articles



Carter Jamison Feature

Carter Jamison is the Founder of Gateways Giveaways, a digital & PR agency – Bio from paid Articles

Carter Jamison’s paid interviews and feature articles will truly inspire young adults and upcoming entrepreneurs as he advises them to keep working hard. According to his paid articles, Jamison started his career at a very young age, and at 17, he is already making the “headlines”. In one of his paid articles, it is also mentioned that “he’s aspiring to become an Entrepreneur that’s the name we’ll all be hearing about soon in every News Outlet”, and now you are seeing him in every News Outlet which paid and sponsored. You can brag whatever you wish in these articles as the Publications do not care about the content nor about the plagiarism when the articles are paid.

Jamison is also seen promoting his agency “Gateway Giveaways” in most of the below-paid articles. He is making great efforts or we can say his content team at making his articles look organic and genuine with his content. Investing in Paid PR not only selfs in exposure but also helps in self-branding. Sometimes it can be used for marketing collateral.

For example – A banner on the website as if those are real and organic. His achievements and skills are real but his below interviews and feature articles which anyone can buy for $100 – $400 from Fiverr, Swapd, Peopleperhour, or PR Freelancers.

Carter Jamison Feature Articles



Carter Jamison has been using the internet since a very young age and is well aware of self-branding. He has spent a good amount of $$$$ to publish his articles in Semi-Premium and Premium Publications. These Publications allow you to post any content under their Sponsor Content for $500 – $999 and come with a disclaimer. Most publications allow you to glamourize your story because they accept self-drafted articles and publish them without any objection under their brand content.

Carter Jamison Brand Content

When Carter Jamison himself is offering a PR &  Media Package [ ]  then these paid articles can be used as samples for clients. So why not invest in it? These publications can be purchased in Bulk or individually for $50 – $199.



The article itself is self-explanatory that it is sponsored / brand content.  USATODAY allows you to publish your desired content for $2500 – $3000. Anything we read in this article is self-drafted and paid.


Hope some real  media outlet covers him organically instead of paid placement.


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