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Chris Jenkins, Founder Giovvani & Fake Paid Articles




” Chris Jenkins is a founder of the luxury sneaker brand, Giovvani. ” – From his Paid  Articles.

Chris Jenkins and his paid articles claim he is an eCommerce guru who didn’t have it easy in his life. Well, every successful entrepreneur has a difficult start and that’s what his articles are about. Apart from this, Jenkins’s articles are around entrepreneurial tips, business tips, and his sneaker brand – Giovvani. These tips are motivating and inspiring but when it comes to paid articles, this type of content is written when there’s hardly any content about the entrepreneur and when the articles are paid, the Publication does not care about the content or plagiarism.

Chris Jenkins has verified his social media profile which was possible with the help of these paid articles. Spending $$$$ was the best investment for Chris because the blue tick is essential to enhancing one’s credibility and authenticity. However, later his verification status was revoked.

SOCIAL  PRESENCE: [ Earlier Verified but now removed ]


Chris Jenkins has a sneaker company to run and without advertisement and branding, he cannot reach the masses what better way than doing feature articles? Chris has published his articles in semi-premium and premium publications which can be bought from any freelancing sites like or directly from the publications. This publication allows anyone to post under a paid program known as Brand Content / Sponsored content. For example – HauteLiving cost $499,  Jpost $999, etc.


There are few publications that charge less than $100 and Chris has got his articles on as many publications as possible like Verna Magazine which is available for $10 on, and Influencive for $50. Through Chris Jenkins’s Paid Articles, he shares the importance of saving money. Basically, Saving & Investments are critical for any entrepreneur which is quite true. However, the problem is not here about his perspective but about his Paid activity where he glorifies his expertise.


Let the  Publication / Media cover you naturally when you are really  a successful Entrepreneur.


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