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Chris K. Hogan, Founder ILIXIR & Fake Paid Articles




“Chris K. Hogan is a Producer, Artist, President and Founder of ILIXIR, full-service personal branding agency” – Bio from Paid Articles

Chris K Hogan’s paid interview and success stories convey that he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs who is also a producer, artist, and the founder of ILIXIR which is a full-service branding agency. He also claims in his paid articles that he has an international clientele that includes influencers, authors, speakers, coaches, entertainers, and multi-million dollar businesses. Most of his articles only speak about his agency, ILIXIR, and how he has helped his clients to reach a wider audience through his caliber and services. Well, when you are paying a good $$$$ then you tend to reach a wider audience and also get a chance to use it for marketing.


His articles also revolve around tips and tricks about businesses and branding which is poorly written and it is understood that it’s written by the content writer for Verification or Self Branding purposes. Since Chris K Hogan is very well aware of branding and the importance of getting verified, Hence we can see him doing a lot of Fake Paid  Interviews and Feature Articles. His motive for doing paid articles is to reach out to as many readers as possible. Also, getting published in premium publications has helped him enhance his credibility among his clients and readers. So why not?

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified through below  paid Articles ]


Chris K Hogan has a full-service branding agency and being in this industry, he is very well aware of how Verification and PR work. We do not doubt his skills, achievements, and struggles but not the below articles that are 100% paid and fake which anyone can buy from PR Service providers or from freelancing sites. But his purpose for doing these articles is pretty simple. He has mentioned in one of his articles, “If your audience doesn’t know who you are, how can they trust you?”. He truly acknowledges the fact that if you have enough credibility or exposure then your audience will trust and believe you. For that, Chris K Hogan has spent a good $$$$ to gain trust among his clients and readers.

Many of his paid success stories are in the publications that allow anyone to publish their own content under Brand Content with Disclaimer. These publications can be bought from them directly or from or for $100 – $999. This gives you the privilege to write anything you want about yourself and your company.  Anything you read about him below is just Self Drafted and published.


Some $20 – $50 Publications are part of his Paid Interviews and Feature Articles.


Many Publications are costly and sometimes it’s wise to share the commercial of the publication with someone who is also in the same mission – Publish Paid Interviews and get Verified. Founder of ILIXIR’s article on Liverpool Echo along with Joel Kaplan ( He himself did a lot of Paid Fake Articles ] is sponsored content. The article is just written with one purpose “Name in  Title” and has zero value to the readers.



When you cannot get yourself featured on Forbes USA then the shortcut to being on Forbes is Forbes Monaco. Forbes Monaco cost $3000 and you can post your own article. Chris K. Hogan’s article on Forbes Monaco is Self Drafted and Paid.


We look forward to some Real Interviews and Feature Articles Instead of the above-sponsored content.


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