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Christien Bouc, Founder Bouc Media & Fake Paid Articles




Christien Bouc is the founder of Bouc Media, a marketing agency that helps influencers and brands with lead generation, follower growth, and PR. – Bio from Paid Articles

Christien Bouc and his paid articles describe how his agency is the right fit for you and how he will help you boost your brand or business. Bouc Media was started by Christien when he was a mere 22 years old. Being in the marketing field, Christien knows how to sell his business and the ways to market it. These paid articles are one of the ways that have helped him reach out to as many people as possible. These articles have mentioned all the details about his agency and how to reach them. Like, he has shared that his agency gets 80% of their business from other agencies who resell their services to their clients, indicating that Bouc Media accepts them. Apart from this, the articles have also mentioned some big names to make an impressive with the readers that Bouc Media works with high-end influencers and entrepreneurs.

Christien Bouc is an experienced and talented entrepreneur. This article does not question his credibility, expertise, or accomplishments but rather focuses solely on his utilization of paid and sponsored articles



Christien Bouc has immense knowledge of marketing given that he is running a marketing agency, so he knows how to sell his product. Paid PR articles are one of the best ways to reach out to as many people as possible. Also, if it is a top-tier publication, it helps enhance one’s credibility and authenticity. These paid articles also help in the process of getting social media accounts verified. It is one of the reasons why people opt for paid articles. Since Christien has his own agency, he knows value of self branding and PR articles. These paid articles would have cost around $199-$299 and the specialty about these publications is that they accept self-drafted articles and publish these articles with no questions asked.

Example – Hauteliving $699, KivoDaily $99, FutureShark $149 etc



Credibility is paramount when providing digital services to clients, and being featured on Forbes acts as a shortcut to enhance that credibility. An instance of this is evident in the Forbes article written by Jackson Weimer about Bouc Media founder Christien Bou, which appears to be a paid article, raising questions about its authenticity. Jackson Weimer is one of the Forbes contributor whose authorship is suspended for paid PR activity.

Christien Bouc deserves organic media coverage rather than relying on paid placements.


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