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Christoffer Groves, CEO Groves Capital or Fake Musician?




“Christoffer Groves is the owner and CEO of Groves Capital, a residential and commercial lending company.” – Bio from Paid Articles

Christoffer Groves’s paid articles portray two different stories about him. His old PR was mostly with his wife Aleyna Groves and around Groves Capital, a residential and commercial lending company while his recent ones are around him as a Fake Musician that we will explore later. He started his career from scratch along with his wife and focuses on growing and expanding his mortgage business.  His paid fake article claims that he is running the fastest-growing mortgage company in the United States, hence it is wise to invest some $$$$ in personal branding which he doing wisely through these paid  PR fake articles. His struggle and achievements may be true but not the below feature articles and interviews which are 100% paid and fake.

When you have invested so much in Fake PR articles then why not flaunt it on  Social  Media?  Christoffer Groves can be seen on his Instagram appreciating these paid articles.  One of his post captions says “Very humbled to be in the top 5″ .  Seriously?  Top in the list of Entrepreneurs published on some spam WordPress sites that no one reads or cares about and is developed just to dump paid PR articles.


Update:  He got himself verified on IG as a Fake Musician. Looks like he was too desperate to get verified But eventually lost it too.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified as Fake Musician and eventually lost it too]


Christoffer is well aware of self-branding, hence he opting for Paid Fake PR Article is no surprise. Many of his Articles are published on spam WordPress websites with fancy domain names of cities which look like Publications or Media outlets but they are just spamming WordPress sites merely created to dump articles. These spam websites are sold in packages usually for $200 – $ 247 in name of Media Coverage or PR Package.


Apart from the above spam websites, he is also featured in the below publications which can be purchased directly for $100 – $300 from or


Getting featured on Forbes is a matter of Pride but when you are not credible enough then you can always opt for Paid Solutions such as Forbes India which offers to publish any article under their Brand Content program for $1000 – $1500. Basically, you have to submit your own drafted article and they will publish anything you want with the disclaimer “The pages slugged ‘Brand Connect’ is equivalent to advertisements and are not written and produced by Forbes India journalists.“. This gives you leverage to position or glorifies yourself in the article. Christoffer Groves’s Forbes India article along with his wife Aleyna Groves is a perfect example of Paid and Fake Article. Christoffer Groves went a little ahead and made a Forbes banner for himself as if he was really featured in Forbes and shared it on Social Media ( which is deleted now ).



A verified profile on social media enhances your credibility and increases the trust factor among your followers. The Ideal way is either to be really notable or have an Organic PR. When your Paid brand contents or spam articles are not enough to get you verified then you can also go for a shortcut to verification which is to pretend like Artist / DJ / Musician. There are PR services that cost you $4000 – $6000 to get you verified as Musician if you co-operate to change your Profile Bio to look like a Musician.

Christoffer Groves, CEO of Groves Capital published a lot of Fake PR  around him being a Musician and launching new songs along with profiles on Music portals like Spotify, Apple Music, and more.  This Fake article is to make him look like a Musician. His investment was worth it as he was finally verified as Artist.

Christoffer-Groves-Music [ Deleted Now ] [ Deleted Now ]

Hope he is aware that sooner or later his verified badge will be taken once he is reported.


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