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Cody Cornwell, Heavy Marketing LLC & Fake Paid Articles




“Cody Cornwell is a Digital & Branding professional, co-founder of Heavy Marketing LLC and Marketing Director at Automation Empire LLCand Branding agency”   – Bio from Paid Article.

Cody Cornwell has an inspiring story to tell. He is from a small town and had big dreams in his eyes. He started as a welder at just 19 years of age. Eventually, he realized that this wasn’t what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. As he appreciated his small profile job, he aimed for big things and started his own marketing agency in 2017. He also started teaching psychology sales to aspiring entrepreneurs and salespeople like partner Ron Early. His company took off quickly and as per his paid articles, Cody is recognized for his Branding and Marketing Skills.

He himself being into Digital Branding understands that it is mandatory to have some credibility first and what could have been better than getting featured in media outlets? His expertise seems True but not his Interviews / Feature Articles. Those are 100% Fake, Self Drafted, and Posted for $$$$.

One of Automation Empire LLC founders articles published on a random website [] which is available for $10 on claims that “Cody Cornwell Listed Amongst America’s Top 5 Most Influential Branding Stalwarts “. SERIOUSLY?  Self Claimed on a  $10 spam WordPress blog.


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified after doing this paid articles ] [ Verified after doing this paid articles ] [ Verified after doing this paid articles ]


Cody Cornwell’s story would inspire a lot but would have been appreciated if some media outlet really covered him for their readers in an organic way instead of opting for paid publishing. Cody Cornwell has tons of articles on google that are paid and sponsored with a disclaimer. Since articles are paid, it gives you the liberty to draft your own content glamourizing whatever you want such as a top 5 influential branding expert in the US! Lol. When you are throwing some $$$ you can write whatever you feel is right. That’s the benefit of paid feature/interview articles.

Publications like  TechTimes,  Jpost, and HauteLiving are very common publications for sponsor articles. Websites like or Swapd. co offers this publication ranging from $500  – $800. Basically, you draft your own content and submit them to publish it.  So whatever you read about Cody Cornwell in the below publications is Fake and merely done either for Social Media  Verification or Self Branding.

Cody-Cornwell-Paid--ArticleLet’s not forget some random $50  – $200 Publications too where we can his own posted feature articles and interviews. They look organic and  Real but unfortunately, they are not.


Yahoo doesn’t allow the publishing of an article. They only aggregate content through their network publications. Article on Yahoo is all about having a budget of $300 – $500.  You can directly approach for paid posts and they charge you around $500 to publish your interview. Once published, it automatically gets published on  Yahoo Network. So-called Branding Expert Cody Cornwell’s article is Paid and  Fake.


ARTICLE SHARING ON ENTREPRENEUR.COM is one of the prestigious publications. . You need to be a credible person to get your article on If not then you can be featured on Entrepreneur through Brand Content offered by Entrepreneur India. All article published under the Author “John Stanly”  is sponsored and an author account of Entrepreneur India in which they dump all paid content. Entrepreneur India  / Asia allows you to post any content under their brand content program for $1000 – $1500. Sometimes this cost is saved by merging 2 or more clients in a single article.  An example of this can be seen in  Cody Cornwell’s Entrepreneur article where he is sharing the spot with another Entrepreneur Ethan Bavuu.

Entrepreneur Article –


Hope we find some real interviews rather than fake paid ones.


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