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Cody Jefferson, Embrace the Lion & Fake Paid Articles




Cody Jefferson an Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Life, Business Coach, and the Founder of Embrace The Lion.Bio from Paid  Articles

Cody Jefferson has shared his life journey in these sponsored interviews and success stories. Jefferson started his career as a pastor serving in the ministry. He continued to be a pastor for 13 years until a series of unfair incidents completely changed the course of his life. These incidents helped him pave the way to Embrace the Lion. He started this venture in order to help people strike a perfect balance between their personal and professional lives through self-empowerment. Jefferson has a very motivating approach toward his life and wants the same for his brothers hence he used these paid articles as an approach to reach out to as many people as possible. We do not doubt his achievement, skills, or coaching expertise. However, his paid approach stunts are raising a few eyebrows!

If someone has invested heavily in sponsored and branded content, it is prudent to leverage these materials for marketing objectives, integrating them seamlessly into their website to create an impression of authenticity and naturalness. The founder of Embrace The Lion‘s website with the below banner is a perfect example of how to leverage these materials for marketing.


Cody Jefferson also got his profile made on Everybodywiki [ ] which is a dupe of Wikipedia. If you have a profile on Wikipedia, believe us, you have made it in life. But it is not that easy getting your profile there, but with a few $$$, you can make it look like you have your profile on an identical site.



Cody Jefferson has used the paid articles route to reach the masses. His paid success stories are published in semi-premium and premium publications which usually charge a fee under their sponsored content program and publish with a disclaimer. This publication can be bought directly from them or through a PR Service provider easily. Jefferson’s PR team has done great work in terms of content because it truly touches your heart and motivates you to take up his program and that’s why it is necessary to invest in a good content writing team.

For example – Flaunt is $499, Live Mint is $299, MensJournal is $499, etc.


His Paid PR team has also made sure he is published in some spam publications. This publication also helps to populate google searches with self-branding. This is sometimes done in order to get your social media platforms verified and it is an ancient trick used by these Paid PR service providers. So don’t be surprised if you see him verified on these platforms. The article published below publication does not provide any value to the reader and is sold in PR packages.

Publications like Rdxmagazine, disruptmagazine, nyweekly cost anywhere from $49 – $299.

Cody-Jefferson-ETL-Roundtable [ Deleted ]


Several reputable publications have their own exclusive membership groups that offer a range of benefits, including the ability to submit content once a month, profiling, and attend certain events. However, meeting the eligibility criteria to become a member can be challenging. One way to bypass this obstacle is by hiring a PR agency, which can facilitate your membership approval in exchange for a fee that typically ranges from $2500 to $4999. Given the prevalence of paid interviews and success stories, it is reasonable to question whether Cody Jefferson’s profile in Rollingstone and Forbes Council was also secured through a paid approach.

Rolling Stone Membership –

Forbes  Council Membership-

CODY JEFFERSON ON ENTREPRENEUR.COM. HOW? provides an opportunity for individuals to publish their own content through its Brand Content Program, which costs between $1499 and $2500, depending on the region. The content can take the form of feature articles, informative pieces, or success stories. However, because there is no rigorous editorial review process for these paid articles, their credibility is sometimes called into question. The founder of ETL Roundtable’s article on is an example of sponsored and paid content.


We hope to hope to see a greater emphasis on authentic media coverage, rather than relying on paid interviews and sponsored articles.


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