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Thomas Ligar | The Caffeine Dream Coffee Scam




Have you ever gotten an offer to be too good to be true, yet you cannot refuse because of its genuine plausibility? This is precisely how “The Caffeine Dream” Coffee Vending Business has been scamming people out of their hard-earned money.

“The Caffeine Dream” Coffee Vending scam is run by someone called Thomas Ligar. There have been numerous reports of a similar fraud being run by different people with the same modus operandi. However, the nature of the scam indicates the same person using various pseudonyms.

What is the Caffeine Dream Coffee Vending Business Scam?

This is a very sophisticated scam run through online business advertisements. You’ll come across a business listing offering a pre-planned coffee vending machine set up for extraordinary prices with a dream that you’ll be able to make money through these machines.

They assure you they’ve finalized the location to install your vending machine. However, on pressing hard, these scammers will give you some random names based on your location.

Once the machines are delivered to you, the seller vanishes. You’ll also find out that the machines are overpriced, and there is yet to be a finalized location to install your machines.

How Does The Coffee Vending Business Scam / Fraud Take Place?

As mentioned earlier, all these numerous scam events followed the same modus operandi reported by people over different platforms, including BBB and Reddit. Here’s how this scam happens.

1. An Online Commercial
These scams operate by advertising on different yellow-page websites like Craigslist or through Franchise based websites. They’ll offer to sell you coffee vending machines, guaranteeing you sure profit and selling dreams of passive income. Once someone reaches out to the given number, they start pitching and convincing. The online commercial will offer you a chance to make money by investing in coffee vending machines. They’ll also promise properly researched popular locations where they will install your machine that will be on autopilot with bare minimum refilling work.

2. Sales Pitch
Once you’ve reached out to them, they’ll start their pitch. They’re trying to sell coffee vending machines, which are already overpriced. They also convince customers that they have already identified some places in their locality to set up this machine with a guarantee.  Also, they’ll avoid sharing any information if you ask for details. Instead, they’ll force you to make an instant contract. Their sales pitch will often come with disclaimers such as: – ‘PS- Machines and locations are limited and going fast.’ or ‘Place order quickly to get delivery on time.’

3. Share options for locations and get the Contract Signed
During their sales pitch, they’ll also offer you options of locations around your current location to set up these vending machines if you insist. They’ll assure you of contracts with locations with good traffic. They do basic ground research to shortlist those positions. But, once you reach out to those spots, you’ll find no such contract has been made.

Once you are convinced of the deal, they’ll even send you a contract to sign. This contract clearly states that the Coffee vending machine company is not responsible for the locations offered, exonerating them from any commitments.

4. They take the Payment and vanish.
Once they’re able to convince you, they take payment and sell you the machine. Later the customers are left with machines as they do not have any guaranteed location as claimed by them.

They change their names, delete their email accounts and get rid of their phone numbers.

The Known Master Mind behind Coffee Vending Business Scam

There have been various reports and online complaints that name these scam runners. Various reports named him Thomas Ligor, working in cohort with Nicholas Chomakos. However, various other reported cases mention different names, including John Amato and Chris, amongst others.

Also, there have been various companies’ names that the scammers have been using, including those popularly known as The Caffeine Dream and Coffee Machine Business, including other aliases. Once numerous complaints have come forward, the US government has taken proper action.

The main culprit is recognized as Thomas Ligor, a resident of 5856 254th St Apt 2 LITTLE NECK, NY, 11362, United States, with a proprietary firm registered in the name of Bri’s coffee company. While some users have been posting online that they were able to get a refund, the authenticity of this information cannot be confirmed.


The internet has not only opened new avenues for legitimate businesses o thrive but this newfound access and connectivity is also being used by scammers. Caffeine Dream Coffee Vending Business by Thomas Ligar is one such scam that has already robbed many of massive amounts. Starting with an online advertisement and offering extraordinary revenue through coffee vending machines, this business thrives on selling overpriced vending machines and sometimes vanishing after taking the payment. Not only do they use different alias, but they also do their research while selling you this dream to convince you to make the payments.

Update: Someone contacted us and shared information that the victims can get in touch with Detective Robert Maston from the US Attorney’s Office, who’s been handling the official case. Some of  the previous company Name are Coffee Profit Project, Americano Coffee Company, Coffee Machine Business, Gaines Vending & Global Vending

If anyone wants to share some information about Mr.Thomas Ligar then do contact us.



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