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Colin Yurcisin, Leveraged Mining Lifestyle & Fake Paid Articles




Colin Yurcisin is the CEO of Leveraged Mining, Leveraged Lifestyle, Author, and Credit consultant. He is also associated with Opulent Prep LLC & Empire eCommerce LLC. Bio from Paid Articles

The sponsored articles published by Colin Yurcisin himself or by his PR agency give readers an inside look at his expertise and how he uses his knowledge to help readers. Colin’s paid feature articles and interviews mostly focus on his Leverage Mining Business & Credit Consulting, which he later relaunched as Leveraged Lifestyle. As per his paid articles, he desires to help people to improve their credit ratings and acquire financial freedom. He describes his journey from leaving a regular job to realizing his potential for greater success, which was motivated by the debt he racked up while working. This insight inspired him to launch his own company with the goal of assisting others in raising their credit ratings and instructing elementary school pupils about credit.

Colin Yurcisin, founder of Opulent Prep LLC imparts valuable knowledge to numerous students, teaching them the art of maximizing credit, generating income, and mastering travel hacking. He asserts that he has cultivated multiple passive income sources, including Amazon FBA, dropshipping, cryptocurrency ventures, and credit optimization techniques. While his true area of expertise remains undisclosed, he frequently promotes life-changing opportunities through his courses and diverse programs. One might wonder, given his apparent wealth, why he continues to market Amazon FBA and numerous courses instead of solely enjoying the fruits of his own financial success. There are numerous scam complaints about him as well:

Although Colin Yurcisin’s achievement and struggle may be real, we must exercise caution when reading the below-paid sponsored articles. These pieces were entirely self-drafted in a promotional manner and published on various media outlets which are available for purchase ranging from $50- $999 per publication or can be purchased in Packages.



As per his paid feature articles, Colin serves over 130 clients through his online business, Leverage Investments, which also runs a specialized warehouse. Colin methodically discloses important information about his company through his paid articles, leaving no detail untouched. These articles clearly explain Colin’s services and demonstrate his dedication to helping both clients and pupils. When providing services, it’s critical to establish credibility in order to draw customers and earn their trust. Getting featured in media outlets is one of the finest methods to achieve this. Being recognized or discussed in the media aids in building your reputation and convinces customers that you are reliable. Colin Yurcisin, CEO of Leveraged Lifestyle is featured in such publications which are known for their brand content where you pay a certain fee for the publishing and the publication publishes anything without an editorial check. This article comes with a disclaimer or Tag such as “sponsor” or “brand content” which is self-explanatory of the article being paid.

Example – Flaunt cost $699, Mid Day $100, FutureSharks $200 etc


The below publications are offered as parts of PR packages on freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and various forums. It’s crucial to keep in mind that these publications are frequently linked to spam publishing. Given that anyone can publish their own content for a cost of between $50 and $100 on these sites, the information posted there may not be reliable. When you pay for the publishing, you have the freedom to exaggerate and enhance your credibility as much as you want. And Colin Yurcisin has wisely used this paid article to promote himself.

Example  – Influencive $50, VillageVoice $899, Bangkokpost $50, Ibtimes $300 etc



Combining two entrepreneurs in a single article is a popular tactic used by PR service providers. In addition to reducing publication costs, this strategy benefits both entrepreneurs because they both get highlighted. However, as their only goal is to have their names featured in the title, these pieces frequently don’t offer much to readers. Because they are paid publications, the platforms might not give editorial policies top priority and might post content without giving them any thought. Colin Yurcisin, CEO of Leveraged Mining article is a perfect example of how spots are shared with Richard Yu in a single article. Example – Khaleej times $799, GulfToday $699 etc.



Forbes and Entrepreneur are regarded as reliable publications. Some of Yurcisin’s sponsored article claims that he is a successful serial entrepreneur and business owner (Leveraged Lifestyle (7 figure), Leveraged Investments (8 figure), and Leveraged Mining (7 figure), then its wise to invest some in top tier publication especial Forbes. If you have a budget of $1,000 to $2,000 nowadays, it has gotten simpler to be featured in these reliable media. PR firms can feature their clients in Forbes publications, typically in the form of a mention, thanks to their contacts with Forbes contributors. Josh Wilson and Stephanie Burns are two well-known Forbes contributors who are known to give paid placement in exchange for a fee. It’s vital to highlight that the Forbes article’s reference to credit expert Colin Yurcisin is a paid mention.


Hopefully, we can come across some natural media coverage of Colin Yurcisin instead of paid promotions.


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