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Controversy Over ConvrtX & Founder Josh Adler: Service Failures & Fraud Claims




Josh Adler, son of Kerry Adler and the founder of  ConvrtX, finds himself mired in a storm of controversy as the company’s services come under intense scrutiny. Numerous users have stepped forward, their voices unified in accusations that Josh Adler’s promises have fallen flat, leaving a trail of unfulfilled service agreements and alleged fraudulent activities.

One disgruntled client’s tale sheds light on the concerns swirling around ConvrtX and its founder. The user’s narrative is one of high expectations dashed by reality, as a $47,000 prototype promised by ConvrtX never materialized. In an unexpected twist, the company purportedly fabricated extra hours, inflating the bill, and demanding payments that appeared unjustified. The dissatisfied client is not taking these alleged deceptions lying down; they’re preparing to raise the alarm about fraud, pointing to what they perceive as ConvrtX’s attempts to elude legal consequences.

Another client adds their voice to the chorus of caution against engaging with ConvrtX and its CEO, Joshua Adler. This individual’s story paints a bleak picture of dashed hopes and questionable practices. In exchange for payment, they found themselves grappling with incomplete work that required additional rounds of revisions, each coming with its own set of charges. Regrettably, the company not only rejected any prospect of a refund when contract was breach but also brandished a $60,000 penalty as a deterrent against public criticism. Their attempts to communicate directly with CEO Josh Adler reportedly went unanswered, leaving them disillusioned and regretful of their association with the company. Given their harrowing experience, they firmly discourage others from pursuing business with ConvrtX.

Yet another victim has emerged, asserting that they too have fallen prey to the alleged shortcomings of Josh Adler’s services. This account further compounds the doubts surrounding ConvrtX’s credibility, as this individual claims to have paid a substantial $50,000 sum for a project that was never realized within the stipulated timeframe. The project’s delay is only one facet of the ordeal, as the charges incurred far exceeded what was initially anticipated, all while the project itself languished in subpar development. Adding a layer of intrigue, investigations reveal that Josh Adler lacks an in-house team of developers, instead opting to enlist the services of third-party contractors from the UPWORK freelancing platform. This revelation casts doubt on the company’s operational transparency and raises questions about its ability to deliver on its promises. The victim has developed a whole website in regards to this.

As these testimonials continue to surface, the shadows of doubt lengthen over ConvrtX and its founder Joshua Adler. The convergence of unfulfilled services, alleged fraudulent activities, and communication breakdowns paints a picture of a company struggling to maintain its reputation in the face of mounting allegations. The fate of ConvrtX remains uncertain as the voices of those wronged grow louder, demanding accountability and resolution.

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