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Crystal Stokes, BESPOKE | Full Circle Lab & Fake Paid Articles




” Crystal Stokes is a licensed psychotherapist, certified performance Coach and public Speaker who helps those in need of personal development and mental health guidance.” – Bio from Fake Paid Articles

According to sponsored interviews, paid features, and articles, Crystal has developed the Bespoke Program on the premise that psychotherapy or coaching alone may not consistently yield profound and enduring outcomes. The program boasts compelling testimonials, firmly establishing her credibility as a collaborative professional. In her self-published article, Crystal Stokes candidly recounts her past struggles, which served as a catalyst for her pursuit of empowerment and financial security. This narrative is deeply inspiring and motivating. However, Crystal Stokes also recognizes the significance of personal branding, evident in her participation in a few paid PR articles. Our assessment of her credibility is based not solely on her skills but also on her decision to engage in self-promotion through these paid articles.



Given her involvement in coaching and mentorship services, establishing credibility is essential. Consequently, her choice to invest in promoting herself through paid placements in various publications is understandable. Crystal Stokes typically shares her paid PR articles under sections labeled “Sponsor Content” or “Brand Content,” where individuals can publish their pre-written articles with an accompanying disclaimer.  These can be purchased from any PR Freelancer or from sites like Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, etc for $49 – $299.

The Ibtimes UK article in question is entirely sponsored, and what’s noteworthy is that it amalgamates content from two clients, Crystal Stokes and Katie LaFrance, who have each contributed paid articles to promote themselves. Regrettably, the article lacks any substantive value for its readers and appears to have been published solely for the purpose of achieving name recognition through its title.  You can read about Fake Paid article about Katie LaFrance – Here.


It comes as no surprise to see performance coach Crystal Stokes featured on However, it’s important to note that this article appears to be inauthentic, self-published, and likely paid for. It’s widely known that Entrepreneur India typically charges between $1000 and $1200 for posting any desired article.

The Same goes for her Forbes Article. Shama Hyder is one of the Contributors who is known for Paid Forbes Articles. Crystal Stokes’s article on Forbes by Shama Hyder is nothing but a Paid PR Article. This is one of the good investments she did in herself to promote herself and it’s really worth it. Apart from testimonials and results, being in Coaching Service, It is wise to invest in Promoting yourself and Crystal Stokes. You never know we may see her profile getting verified.

We now look forward to more of her Self Posted Fake PR Articles.


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