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Devin Wills, A&W Contracting & Fake Paid Articles




“Devin Wills, CEO of A&W Contracting, Managing Partner of LFLS Legacy Holdings, CEO/Owner of Empathy Lending, and Chairman/Executive Director of Hands Across Atlanta” – Bio from Paid Articles

Devin Will’s Paid Interviews and  Success  Story state that he came from a modest family. His father struggled in order to give him a better future for his children. After his father’s death, Devin Wills fell into depression leading to alcohol and drug addiction. Soon he overcame his addiction and joined his father’s company. Along with work, he has also been doing charity work and is the Chairman of Hands Across Atlanta.  Devin Wills has an interesting story to tell and to reach out to the people, but it seems that he opted for Paid Fake Interviews and Feature Articles. Probably his hired PR team has been doing a great job as we have a list of his fake paid success articles. These paid articles have helped him achieve verified status and have enhanced his credibility.

His struggle, Life Journey, and achievements are real but definitely not his below-published Interviews and Success stories. Those are 100% Paid and Self Posted. When someone invests so much in paid articles then why not flaunt it? And he is doing well on his Website [ ] which is expired now.


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below-Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]


Devin Wills’ paid articles are really touching and motivating, but they are also monotonous. Usually, this happens when you have to spam your articles are many Publications for the sake of doing it. Also, when the articles are paid, no publication cares much about the content. His content team should really work on his articles. Also, a few of his articles have a small, pixelated image. Looks like he failed to share better pictures with the PR agency. Does the Publication really care about pixelated images? No,  They don’t as long you are paying for this publication.

Publications like Influencive, The American Reporter, Disrupt Magazine, and Kivo Daily are known for the “Pay to Publish” Model and are available from freelancer sites like or for $50  – $100.

Devin-Wills-Paid--Article [ Same Content on multiple Sites ]  [ Same Content on multiple Sites ] [ Free to Register and Submit the Content ]

When you claim to be successful, there’s no harm in investing some extra $$$ in self-branding and sharing your success story with the world through some credible publications which allow you to publish your own content under their advertising program.  For Example Publications like Flaunt, Village Voice, and Mercury News allow you to post any content under their Sponsored Content for $800 – $999.


Devin Wills is on the Top 10 List. How?

It is honored to be part of the Top 10 CEO List but only if it is published by some credible media outlets or institutions.  Not least CEO World  Publication allows you to publish such paid articles for $399 under their advertising program. This so-called List of “Top 10 Young CEOs To Know About In 2021” is 100% Paid and Fake and published by some PR agency.  This is an old method used by many PR agencies to charge and club multiple clients in a single article for a mere $200  – $300 for placement in such articles.

Devin Wills mentioned in this article is also paid placement.

We look forward to more of Real and Organic Article instead of paid ones.


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