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Dr.Chris Zaino, Speaker | RegenerAge & Fake Paid Articles.




“Dr. Chris Zaino is a former champion bodybuilder, accomplished public speaker, and founder of I AM HERO Project as well as  a key figure in the RegenerAge clinic in Cancun”  – Bio from Paid Articles

In Dr. Chris Zaino’s paid articles, he shares the remarkable trajectory of his early-life achievements, including capturing the prestigious Mr. America title and establishing one of the nation’s leading chiropractic clinics. However, he encountered a profound downturn in his mid-thirties, which he refers to as a “decade of darkness.” During this challenging period, he grappled with depression, cognitive impairment, and other setbacks that deeply affected his life. It was through this journey that Zaino discovered the influence of imbalanced hormonal chemistry and the transformative power of regenerative medicine.

Driven by his own experience, I AM HERO Project founder resolved to advocate for regenerative medicine and how it played a pivotal role in his battle Against All Odds to Cure his Incurable Disease. For him, securing featured paid interviews and success stories was a wise method to convey his inspirational story and spread awareness about the potential of regenerative medicine. He claims that regenerative medicine allowed him to operate at a peak performance which may be True but his below Interviews and Feature articles are 100% Paid, Self Drafted, and Paid. Articles on these publications can be posted for $50 – $100.

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Dr. Chris Zaino places great emphasis on the significance of self-branding and public relations. This is evident in his choice to engage in paid publications. His paid articles primarily center around the subject of Regenerative Therapy/Medicine and its associated advantages. Many of his interviews and feature articles are published on platforms known for their “Pay to Publish” model. These publications typically charge a fee ranging from $50 to $100 to host customized content and can be accessed through platforms such as or by enlisting the services of PR freelancers. It’s important to note that the content you encounter below has been self-composed and posted accordingly.


In addition to the aforementioned spam publications, Dr. Chris Zaino is also featured in some mid-tier publications that provide individuals the opportunity to publish articles through their Brand Content program. These publications, while not inexpensive, offer a higher level of credibility and can cost anywhere from $400 to $999. Given his role as a coach to executives, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, celebrities, influencers, and prominent figures, it’s a strategic move to bolster his credibility through these paid placements. It appears that Dr. Chris Zaino has invested in a comprehensive PR package for his self-promotion efforts.

He recognized the potential in engaging in paid fabricated interviews and feature articles, hence his investment was a wise decision.


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