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Dr.Chris Zaino, Speaker | RegenerAge & Fake Paid Articles.




“Dr.Chris Zaino is a former competition-winning bodybuilder, a Public Speaker, and the Co-founder and ambassador of the renowned RegenerAge clinic in Cancun, a medical facility.”  – Bio from Paid Articles

According to Dr. Chris Zaino’s paid articles, he achieved plenty of success in his early life. He won the title of Mr. America and built one of the most chiropractic clinics in the United States. Down the line, he experienced a downfall in his mid-thirties which he claims to be a “decade of darkness”. He fell into depression, brain fog, and so on, which demotivated him and changed his life. Zaino learned that he was affected by unbalanced hormonal chemistry and the thing that helped him regain his potential in regenerative medicine.  He decided to spread the word about regenerative medicines and how he fought Against All Odds to Cure his Incurable Disease. What could have been the better way other than getting your featured through Paid Placement?

He claims that regenerative medicine allowed him to operate at a peak performance which may be True but his below Interviews and Feature articles are 100% Paid, Self Drafted, and Paid. Articles on these publications can be posted for $50 – $100.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified using Fake Paid Articles ]


Dr. Chris Zaino understands the importance of Self Branding and PR, this is why we can see him opting for Paid Publications. His Paid articles revolve around Regenerative Therapy / Medicine and its benefits. Most of his interviews and feature articles are posted on spam publications which are known for the Pay to Publish model. These publications merely charge $50 – $100 to publish your desired content and can be purchased from or from any PR Freelancers. So anything that you read below is just self-drafted and posted.


Apart from the above spam publications,  he can be seen in some mid-tier publications which offer anyone to publish their article under the Brand Content program. These publications aren’t Cheap and can range anywhere from $400 – $999. When you are a coach to executives, entrepreneurs, pro athletes, celebrities, influencers, and sheiks, why not enhance some credibility through these paid placements? Looks like Dr. Chris Zaino bought some Package PR Package for Self Promotion.

The potential he found in regenerative medicine, the same way he found potential in doing Paid Fake Interviews and Feature Articles.


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