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Dylan Suitor Elevation Realty Network & Fake Paid Articles




“Dylan Suitor is an entrepreneur and the head of the real estate business -Elevation Realty Network Inc. and Keller Williams Neighborhood Realty.” – Bio from Paid Articles

Dylan Suitor is one real estate investor who has been doing good for many years in the real estate space. His Paid article says that Suitor has closed some of the biggest real estate deals. So it’s obvious when you are ace in your niche, you need to do some sort of Self Promotion too.  And this is why we can see him doing Paid Articles.

Dylan Suitor can be seen highlighting this sponsor paid articles on his Instagram Profile in Highlights as if they are organically covered.  We will explore all of the paid articles that he did to promote himself,  Elevation Realty Network Inc, and Keller Williams Neighborhood Realty. These Publications are available for $100 – $500 from different Freelancers on  and

Instagram Highlight Link:

Dylan-Suitor-Instagram-Paid-HighlightsJust in case,  you want to get verified then you can follow his  Paid Articles.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified after doing Paid Articles ]


We are not surprised by Dylan Suitor’s Fake Paid articles because as a successful real estate entrepreneur, he really deserves some exposure and credibility enhancement. Also when you are earning in 6 figures, it is wise to shell out some $$$ for promotion. Dylan Suitor’s paid article insists on various aspects such as building generational wealth through real estate investing,  Tips on first-time real estate investment, methods of creating passive income, and more.

Many of his articles are sponsored or Brand  Content. When you are paying the publication then you have the upper hand in glorifying yourself. Basically, you can draft and submit your own content to feature.  This Publication publishes anything as long you follow their basic guidelines and pay for the brand content.  USA TODAY paid article is really worth investment and seems like Dylan Suitor had a good budget for this.


Apart from Fake / Sponsor articles, we can also see a few Paid articles that may look organic but they are not.  They are 100% Paid and Fake. This is done just for verifications purpose. You may find his paid articles giving tips, advice, and focusing on the real estate niche which we really doubt was written or endorsed by him. It is basically a content writer written and posted underpaid article program or PR Services.   We came across his Facebook post where someone is congratulating him on his coverage on  FoxInterviewer. Btw the Post on Foxinterviewer cost you only $25 which you can buy from here. What’s great about that?

Few more Paid Articles of Dylan Suitor that anyone can purchase ranging from $50  – $300.

Some more Junk  websites, when  you are paying for bulk publications, you  do not tend to see the list of publications  and your service providers publishes anywhere on junk  websites like below:


Some Publications are costly and to make it cost-effective, the service provider merges 2 clients in a single article.  It doesn’t matter whether the entrepreneurs are from the same field or not.  What matters is that the article should be published. Anyway, the publications like ibtimes and Times of Israel accept any content under their advertising program.  They also don’t care about the content. Basically paying them $500  can get you featured on this publication. The Entrepreneur such as Elias Nickolaos and Ron Earley mentioned below are among the individuals who themselves did PAID articles.

Dylan Suitor’s paid article shared with Elias Nickolaos for IBTIMES  –

Dylan Suitor’s paid article with Ron Earley for Times  of Israel


Dylan Suitor among TOP 10?

Dylan Suitor getting mentioned in one of the Yahoo Finance Articles of ” Top 10 Real Estate Leaders To Watch Out For In 2021″  could have been mattering of pride if that was a real and organic article instead of Paid Articles. Basically, entrepreneurs mentioned in this article are Scam and Fake. This is just a Press Release where you can include anyone you want and get it published on Yahoo by using the service of GlobeNewswire for $300. So you charge each individual around $200 – $300  and include this list which has no credibility. You can read about the Top 10 Scam  Article here:

All of the entrepreneurs listed in this article have paid to get listed and all of them have opted for Paid Articles. – Robby Clark, Ralph DiBugnara, Mat MoxnessAnnetta Powell, and more


Unfortunately, Dylan Suitor’s ARTICLE  is  Fake and  Paid.  We look forward to some real  News Coverage instead of Paid  Articles.


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