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Cory Muroff, E-Commerce & Fake Paid Articles




Cory Muroff, an e-commerce entrepreneur and Founder of a few e-comm companies, e-commerce warehouse consultant and COO of Cry Baby – Bio from Paid Articles

Cory Muroff and his paid articles describe his journey of becoming an e-commerce entrepreneur and owning five e-commerce companies. Having immense knowledge about e-commerce, Cory knew that it is going to be the next new thing in the global market. Cory also worked as a COO of Cry Baby, which sells women’s clothes and accessories. In most of his articles, Cory is either seen showcasing his e-commerce warehouse consulting knowledge or about e-commerce. Having knowledge of marketing, Cory is well aware of the importance of branding and has spent a good amount of $$$$ on these paid articles. These paid articles have helped him get verified on social media accounts.

Cory Muroff has some good achievements under his sleeves which are true but not the below feature articles which can be bought from any  PR Service provider.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]


Cory Muroff boasts about his knowledge of his e-commerce and we don’t deny it either, but why was the need of getting these paid articles done? These paid articles have helped him enhance his credibility, obviously, his blue tick has been the main reason. Cory has got his articles in semi-premium and premium publications which come with a Disclaimer as brand content or sponsored content. that anyone can purchase from the publication itself for $$$$ or from freelancing sites like Swapd, PeoplePerHour & Fiverr. Since you are paying anywhere from $499 – $999 for publishing then you have the liberty to glamorize yourself as you like. The advantage of paid publishing is that there is No Validation, No Editorial Review.


Mid Tier and Small Publications do contribute to populating Google for Branding and Google Knowledge Panel.  So why not invest in it? Below Publications can be bought in Bulk or individually from Fiverr for $50  – $199. These publications work on the Pay-to-Publish Model and themselves lack credibility. Most of his articles are poorly written without giving much value to readers.



Some Publication ain’t Cheap as they cost holes in the entrepreneur’s pockets. This is why many service providers club 2 entrepreneurs together in a single article. The overall purpose of this article is to have “Name in  Title” for verification purposes.  A perfect example of such a merged article can be seen in  Cory Muroff’s feature article which is paid in nature.


Cory Muroff sharing spot with Stepan Talabira on DailyCaller –

Cory Muroff sharing a spot with Mervik Haums on IB Times UK –

He claims to be an e-commerce expert. Hope we find some real media coverage.


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