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Edikan Adiakpan, Akama Lifestyle & Fake Paid Articles




Edikan Adiakpan, the founder of Akama Lifestyle, a full-service luxury car, private jet, and concierge service – Bio from Paid Articles

Edikan Adiapak shares his passionate journey through his paid interview. He came to the USA with a dream and has never looked back. He dropped out of community college to start his own business. He was always fond of vehicles ad the concierge industry which led to starting Akama Lifestyle, a full-service luxury car, private jet, and concierge service. He has worked with high-profile clients and does volunteering and believes in giving back to society which is really great. What is the use of all the achievements if it is not in Limelight?

Hence  We can see a lot of Success Stories, Interviews, and Feature Articles popping out here and there which are Self Posted,  Fake, and Paid which are either done by him or through his PR Service provider. Hope he is not under impression that this ain’t paid because this publication charges to publish anything which is done by his  PR Service provider. And when you have invested in Paid Articles to promote the luxury car business then why not flaunt it on Social  Media? [ As it is Real and Organic. It takes only $250 to get featured on  L’OFFICIEL Cyprus. ]


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Not Working ]


Edikan Adiakpan has a perfect life which his PR team has made sure that everyone dreams of having through his paid interviews and fake articles. His company has turned into a million-dollar asset so spending a few $$$$ on self-branding does no harm. Most of the Paid articles speak about giving society back, how successful he is, and leading a luxurious life. Since the articles are paid then you have the leverage to glamorize the way you want.

This Publications solely work on the “Pay to Publish” Model and are very common publications that claim to be media outlets ( except 1 or 2 ) but actually are WordPress sites created to dump interviews and success stories. Anyone can buy this from or for $50  – $100.


Apart from the above-paid articles, a few of his articles are also published in credible publications where you can opt for under Sponsor/Brand Content with a disclaimer to publish your own interview and success stories. Looking at Edikan Adiakpan’s articles, it seems that he has invested a good $$$$ in self-branding. Publications like DailyCaller, Ocean Drive, Live Mint, and Vegas Magazine costs $$$$ and have helped him in the process of verification. The blue tick has helped him gain credibility and also helped in getting high-profile clients.  This can be purchased from the publication itself for $800 – $999. So anything you read about him in the below publication is basically self-drafted and posted either by him or his service provider.


Edikan Adiakpan Sharing Paid Articles:

Edikan Adiakpan is also seen sharing an article along with Mohammad Jasem Alawazzan which we have covered in another article. He is seen sharing two articles with other entrepreneurs to save a few bucks in the process.  This is a common method to merge 2 clients in a single article as both entrepreneurs anyhow paying to get published for verification or for self-branding. Either way, Edikan Adiakpan’s purpose of getting featured is served!

Sharing Paid Ibtimes Article with Jasem Alwazzan:

Sharing Paid Times of Israel with Shane Currey:

Edikan Adiakpan deserves to be covered for his social work. Hope someone covers him organically instead of all this paid ways.


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