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Elias Nickolaos, Crypto Trader & Fake Paid Articles




Elias Nickolaos’s paid articles revolve around the crypto niche to portray himself as an expert Crypto Trader. His professional title profile is not clear through his paid articles. However, his fake paid interviews, success stories, and feature articles explain how crypto has changed his life. His paid articles convey that he does web designing and social media marketing for his family’s hair salon – Miracles in the City. He also takes up modeling as well as photography assignments.

Having experience in the Social Media niche, Elias Nickolaos has an understanding of self-branding due to which his action of opting for the paid article is justified. His articles also speak about his struggles in life and past experience which may be True but not his below Interviews and Success Stories.



Looking at his paid articles, it is obvious that he is looking to get verified due to which we can see his all articles speaks about him being a Crypto Entrepreneur. As you will notice, Elias Nickolaos’ paid articles may look real and organic but are 100% paid. Publications like Flaunt, DailyCaller, Times of Israel allow you to post any content under their Sponsor Content for $800 – $999 and come with a disclaimer. Other than that, he has articles on cheap sites which can be purchased in bulk from any Facebook PR / Guest Posting group or Most of his articles are self-drafted and hence you can see him bragging about his crypto trading.

Most publications give you the liberty to glamourize your story because these publications accept self-drafted articles and publish them without any objection.


Below are some Publications that anyone can purchase on Freelancing sites such as or for $50 – $100. They can paste any plagiarized content as long as you pay their publishing fee.


In order to get verified, you need to be featured in some top-tier publications also. But these top-tier publications aren’t cheap so it’s a traditional method in the PR industry to merge 2 clients in a single article to reduce the cost. Also, this article does not provide any value to readers. These are only written with the primary objective ” Name in Title”. These publications can cost you anywhere from $1000 – $3000.


IB Times Article with Dylan Suitor:

Forbes Monaco with Manuel Sanchez:

Gulf Today with Dr. Glenn Leon:

Khaleejtimes with Dr. Glenn Leon:

Hope he gets verified with these Paid Articles.


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