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Emir Ceric, CEO Meveto | VEEVUS & Fake Paid Articles




Emir Ceric, the CEO of Meveto Inc, Cyber Security Company & VEEVUS – Bio from Paid Articles

According to Emir Ceric‘s paid interviews and feature articles, we realize that he is one of the CEOs who is trying to bring about a change in the tech industry. He wants to introduce passwordless technology that will allow users to access their accounts without having to remember passwords, making the login process more convenient and secure. In most of his paid articles, Eric saw stressing on the importance of educating the readers on the dangers of cyber threats and how to protect against them. He has also written an expert handbook where he shares information and advice on how to stay safe online and protect against various forms of cyber threats.

Eric Ceric seems to have done these paid articles mostly to create awareness among his followers and new readers about his company and its services. These paid articles are the most convenient medium of reaching out to the targetted audience and can cost you from $99-$999 depending on the websites. Meveto CEO’s expertise, skillset, and achievements are real but not his below coverage.

Emir Ceric’s investment in paid online coverage can also be leveraged for branding purposes, as evidenced by his social media presence, where he has prominently displayed those paid links.




Eric Ceric and his company would benefit a lot of people through his services and these paid articles would help him achieve his goals. His contribution to social welfare is immense and this needs to be put forward to the masses through paid feature Articles. Therefore, Eric’s decision to choose paid interviews and success stories is justified. Looking at the diversity of publications, it seems he has invested a good $$$$ on self-branding which is worth the investment. Even his content team has done a brilliant job on his articles. These publications offer a paid program (sponsored/branded content) that enables individuals to publish their own content without undergoing any editorial review. The disclaimer provided along with such content acknowledges that it is paid, which is self-justified.

Publications like DailyCaller $999, TechTimes $499, Ibtimes $999, etc. 


Many of Emir Ceric, Meveto INC Founder’s articles are published in spammy publications, which have a reputation for indiscriminately publishing low-quality content. These publications can even be purchased from freelancing websites like Fiverr and PeoplePerHour for as little as $50 to $100. They do not provide any real value to the readers, as they are primarily published for the purpose of PR (public relations) and verification. In other words, they are intended to create an illusion of expertise and authority by being published on various platforms, rather than actually offering useful information or insights. This approach may be seen as deceptive and ultimately counterproductive in building a genuine reputation as a thought leader or subject matter expert.


Emir Ceric has been featured in an interview article that sheds light on his vision for the future of security and his motivations behind founding Meveto. The article is both informative and inspiring. However, it should be noted that it is a piece of paid branded content, which anyone can buy from Entrepreneur India at a cost of only $1500 to $2000.


We are now anticipating more authentic media coverage instead of paid articles.


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