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Enzo Rosani, Barnes International Realty & Fake Paid Articles




Enzo Rosani, a former Athlete and the Managing Director of Barnes International Realty – Bio from Paid Articles

Enzo Rosani and his paid interviews tell us about his successful realtor business – Barnes International Realty in Miami. Rosani was an athlete for around five years playing professional football before starting his realtor business. He was the captain of the French National team and competed in two World Cups and a European Cup. After his graduation, he moved to Miami and has loved the city ever since. Miami’s real estate market has been growing and Rosani has been hitting great numbers with his father’s guidance.

Enzo Rosani and his paid articles will surely inspire any upcoming entrepreneurs but his main motive behind these paid articles is to either promote himself and his realtor business or to get verified which we can see through his social media where he has included it. Please note that his skills, achievements,  and expertise may be real but not the success stories and interviews which can be bought for $299 – $1499 individually or in PR Package that cost $3999 – $4999. Most of his articles revolve around his business and seem to be monotonous. Looks like his paid PR service providers forgot to work on his content.




Enzo Rosani knows the ins and outs of business and hence he believes in self-branding and these articles are part of self-investment. Rosani has his articles featured in semi-premium and premium publications which come with a disclaimer or sponsored content and can be purchased from any freelancing site or from any PR Service provider in Package or Individually ranging from $499  – $1499. These publications accept self-drafted articles and publish them without any fact checks or plagiarism. The articles in these publications have Barnes International Realty’s director helped him enhance his credibility among his followers.


We now look forward to more of Enzo Rosani’s Paid Articles.


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