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Abdullah Almanna, Accountant | Traveller & Fake Paid Articles




Abdullah Almanna is a Kuwaiti entrepreneur, Certified Public Accountant, investor auditor, founder of Tripese, and author – Bio from Paid Articles

Abdullah Almanna has a very successful life as his paid articles state. He is a Certified Public Accountant, an avid traveler, an investor auditor, the founder of Tripese, and an author. Abdullah Almanna‘s paid articles focus on his travel endeavors and financial advice. His paid article claims that he has traveled to around 30 countries and is planning on exploring more. He is also very much into charitable activities. Also, he served as a Vice President with One Hand and performed fundraising activities for many charitable events. Abdullah has a very inspiring life and wants to motivate his readers to do the same.

Abdullah Almanna succeeded in his early 20s as a professional accountant but that didn’t stop him there. According to his paid articles, He wants to inspire his readers to go after their goals because anything is possible and he is living proof of it. His motive behind doing these paid articles seems obvious either to get that blue tick or for self-branding. He has been verified on his Instagram account with the help of these articles which anyone can buy for $100 – $500 from a freelancing website or from a PR Service Provider. With this verification badge, he has enhanced his credibility among his readers and followers. Since he has achieved so much, doing paid articles seem pretentious.

When you have invested in paid success stories, why not flaunt them for marketing? His Expertise and achievement may be real but not his below-paid interviews or feature articles.


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Articles ]


Digital nomad, Abdullah Almanna has done these paid articles to reach out to his followers and readers. He has published his articles in semi-premium and premium Publications which can be purchased. All of his articles are published in publications that are known for the “Pay to Publish” model. These articles are self-drafted which the Publications publish without any fact checks.  You will see Abdullah bragging about his travel stories and financial success in these articles which his readers might find impressive, but are they even true? Well, we can’t deny nor accept it since these articles are paid and you have the leverage to write anything you want.

A lot of fake paid articles are with disclaimers which are understood that those are paid placements. Just go to  and You will find most of the below publications on sale for $20 – $100.


When it’s all about fake Paid PR then how can someone ignore the Indian Publications that are known for offering Brand and Sponsored  Content for $100  – $200? Indian  Publications allow publishing your content with a disclaimer. Hence you have the opportunity to glamorize as much as you can.



The disclaimer below Abdullah Almanna’s Forbes India article is only self-explanatory. It only cost $800 – $1200 to get the article published in Forbes India. The founder of made sure that the article contains his name in the article topic which is the only purpose of this article rather than providing any value to the readers.


Disclaimer: The views, suggestions, and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Forbes India journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.

His fake paid interviews and feature articles were worth the investment.


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