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Ademola Adekunbi, Link Seller


on is a credible Publication. Due to this, there is a demand to get Featured in these Publications. Usually, you can get yourself featured or mentioned in is through Pitching to the Contributor or opt for their advertising Option which will cost you around $3000 and may be tagged as a sponsor or Nonsponsor depending on the Editorial review of the Content.

However, to make it easy and cost-effective, you can opt for Paid Guest Post. You just need to identify contributors who can take some $$$ and can mention you in their article which looks nonsponsor and organic. One such contributor is Ademola Alex Adekunbi. The commercial he charges is around $500 – $600 per Client ( This is verified by one of my Sources )

His Digital Profiles:

Ademola Adekunbi has 2 Contributor profile in One Profile is an old one which is looks suspended and the new one is under Entrepreneur Leadership Network.

Here are the 2 Profiles:

1. Old Profile:

” Ademola Adekunbi is a writer, entrepreneur, and CEO of Regal Inks Content Marketing. He works with companies to boost their search engine positions, and ensure an increase in customer engagement and revenue. ”  – Old Entrepreneur Author Profile

2. New Profile:

Ademola Alex Adekunbi
” Kunbi is a lawyer based in Lagos and is focused on the tech industry, advising startups on regulatory compliance, market-entry, and investment (PE and VC). He is also the founder of Tech Law Info, a website to provide founders with essential legal information and resources. ” – New Entrepreneur Author Profile

Let’s Explore his Paid Mentions under his Profile:

Here is the Screenshot from his Old Profile where he has mentioned the client within the article for $$$.

Old Profile Article:
Client: CouponBuffer & Idealz
Comment: CouponBuffer has done a lot of Paid Links in various Publications. Their other paid placement is in ( Sponsor Content ), Hackernoon, Rswebsol, and many more which is sold at a range of $50 – $500.

Let’s move out to his New Profile to check his Paid Mentions.

Article Posted on 20 Dec 2020
Client: Dennis Reachard, CEO of Caller Search [ ]



Article posted on 3rd Feb 2021
Client: Eric Czerwonka, CEO of Buddy Punch [ ]
Comment: You can check Buddy Punch more Paid  Links  such  as INC & JPost Special Content


Article posted on 20 Oct 2020
Client: Simon Lai, CEO of Vaporesso [ ]
Comment: You can check Vaporesso’s more Paid Links such as Yahoo News, Techtimes, and more. The easiest way to judge paid way is to check another Article by Ademola Alex Adekunbi on where he mentioned this client again in another article under his authorship. This confirms that this client has paid him to do so.

I am wondering how the Entrepreneur Editors are blind to such mentions which is so obvious to guess that it’s Paid Article. Looking Paid articles on Entrepreneur, I really doubt the Credibility of the Entrepreneur articles now. Hope Entrepreneur Editors take care of this.


Please Note: The article is supported by facts and proof. Any entrepreneur editors want to verify, they are free to mail me to know more about this.


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