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Ahyanah Mincy, Writer | Novelist & Fake Paid Articles




“Ahyanah Mincy is a Young aged Writer, Novelist, Blogger, and Self Claimed Businesswoman” – Bio from Paid Articles

Ahyanah Mincy’s Paid Articles states that she is a resident of Newark, New Jersey, who enjoys writing novels and running her own online business. She began blogging about successful women in the corporate world while studying business at Saint Peter’s University and subsequently discovered a lifelong interest in business writing. Recently Ahyanah has also published her E-book “20 Online Business Ideas” which teaches readers how to begin their online business ventures from the ground up. Definitely for which Marketing and Exposure are needed.

Ahyanah Mincy being a businesswoman herself understands the importance of self-branding. She has made sure people are aware of her so-called achievements which may or may not be true by doing fake paid articles. You can find a lot of her articles under sponsored or paid content. Such articles can be purchased from or People Per Hour from $100 to $150.

We can see Ahyanah Mincy flaunting those Paid articles in her Instagram Highlights [ ] which is now deleted.




Ahyanah Mincy Paid Articles can be seen in 2 phases wherein 1st part she promoted herself in various publications as a Blogger who helps women entrepreneurs while in the second part, she marketed herself as an author of her E-book “20 Online Business Ideas”.

Honestly, Ahyanah Mincy did great work by sharing stories of successful women through her blog on, and also her intention of sharing online business ideas seems very generous. Considering all this, Ahyanah opted for paid articles and fake interviews in order to share her journey. As inspiring as it may seem, Ahyanah has been doing paid articles in order to create a buzz around her. This is probably either done to get verified or for Self Branding.


Below  are old Fake, Paid Articles: [ Deleted ]

Below are New Paid Fake Articles:

We look forward to more of His  Paid Interviews and Feature Articles.

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