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Aidan Sowa, Sowa Marketing Agency & Fake Paid Articles




“Aidan Sowa is a PR and Digital Service Provider under the Company Name Sowa Marketing Agency” – Bio from Paid Articles

Aidan Sowa’s paid interview and feature articles mention his success stories and achievements. Moreover, his articles explain a lot about the PR and Digital services that his company, Sowa Marketing Agency provides. He has used the digital platform to reach out to as many people as possible and has mentioned all services his company provides. Being in the digital marketing industry and PR Service provider, Aidan Sowa understands the importance of Self Branding and  Verification. Also, he is a  PR Reseller service provider and part of many Forums and Freelancing sites from where anyone can buy the Paid Feature Articles in various publications.

His  PeoplePerHour Profile

His Swapd  Profile

Aidan Sowa has published his articles in semi-premium and premium Publications which cost you $100 – $1000. This has helped him get his social media accounts verified. The blue tick automatically enhances your credibility and builds trust among the followers and readers. Also, Aidan Sowa’s articles and verified profile comes in handy as samples for his potential clients. When you have invested so much in fake paid interviews and feature articles. Then why not flaunt them? We can see Aidan  Sowa promoting these paid fake feature articles on Instagram highlight as if they are real and organic. Do not forget about his

Aidan Flaunting Fake Paid  Articles –


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Made Profile as Musician to get Verified ]


Aidan Sowa’s paid interviews and feature articles are mostly on publications that are known for the “Pay to Publish”  model. These publications are available on freelancing sites like Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, and Swapd for  $$$$ that anyone can buy.  Publications like LondonPost cost $50,  Disrupt Magazine $50,  RedXmagazie $40, etc. Basically, you have to give your own drafted content and they publish it without editorial review or fact check.  So whatever you read in the below publications is just fake paid feature articles. Some are also with Disclaimer which is not difficult to understand that it is Paid and Sponsored.
Aidan-Sowa-Paid--Article [ Free to Register and Post own content ] [ Deleted ]

We are not surprised that many of his articles are around the Music niche. When it’s a paid feature article, it’s easy to create relevancy about music and yourself.  Also getting verified as a Musician and Artist is easier as compared to Entrepreneur / Brand.  When it is Paid Feature article, then you have the leverage to position yourself as you want. One of his fake paid articles reads ” Hip-Hop Artist Aidan Sowa Takes The Industry By StormSeriously?

These publications can be purchased from any freelancer or service provider as PR Music Package that can range from $400 – $1000.



Getting mentioned in Forbes does not require you to be credible but infact few budgets that can land you on Forbes either in form of  “Mention” or “Feature Article for $800 – $1400.  Many Contributors are part of a PR paid network that sometimes publishes  Paid articles in their column as filler where they merge multiple clients in form of Brand mention. In this clients are quoted in the article and given mention form of “Name” and “Backlink”. Aidan Mention in Forbes article by Edward Segal is paid.  Just browse the article and you will find many other clients mentioned in this article.

We hope to find some Real Interviews, Instead of just  Paid one.


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