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Alaa Shoier, Egyptian Actor & Fake Paid Articles




Alaa Shoier  is an Egypt’s most celebrated, self-made actor – Bio from Paid Articles

Alaa Shoier’s paid articles mainly revolve around his early life struggles and how he made it in the entertainment industry. Alaa Shoier started his acting career at a very young age. He got his first shot in 2018 when he got global recognition by the audiences and communities of actors. His resemblance to Brad Pitt was noticed and praised by a lot of people. Other than this, you will also read about Alaa Shoier’s personal life and eating habits, which are irrelevant to the articles.

Alaa Shoier’s talent cannot be doubted but below all of his English Interviews and feature articles are Self Drafted and Paid. These publications are available to buy from any freelancing sites such as Fiverr or for $50 – $100. Alaa Shoier has some actual coverage in Arabic which is worth reading. Looks like he is looking to get verified through these paid placements.



Alaa Shoier has very few articles about him with very limited details about his career and success stories. His articles are very repetitive and have nothing to say otherwise. Seems like his content team has put no effort to write his articles. Few of his articles share tips for aspiring, upcoming actors. Such articles are made mainly when content writers run out of ideas to draft articles. On the other side, Alaa Shoier PR Service provider spent a good $$$ on a few credible publications which can be purchased from Facebook PR groups.

Below Publications themselves ha no credibility other than they offer Paid Publishing under Brand Content or Sponsor Content.  For example, American Reporter cost $99, Disrupt Magazine $50, etc.

ALAA-SHOIER-Paid--Article [ Deleted ]

Being an Actor,  he deserves to get  Media Coverage organically not Paid.


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