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Aleksandar Novakovic, Paris Hilton & Fake Paid Articles



Aleksandar Novakovic is a young entrepreneur who comes from Germany and the owner of the clothing brand Whats the Minimum ” – Bio from Paid Articles.

Aleks Novakovic’s Self Posted paid articles revolve mostly around his life struggle and how successful an entrepreneur he is. Apart from this, we can see Aleksandar Novakovic riding on the name of being called Ex of actress Paris Hilton. No doubt he was in Paris Hilton’s documentary “This is Paris” and had great chemistry with her but seems like he doesn’t have his own identity other than being called an Ex of Paris Hilton.

His fake articles also portray him successful Business owner and an aspiring to be Film Producer but can we really believe someone like him whose all articles are Fake and Paid?

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified after doing below Paid Articles ]

Many of the Fake Paid Articles of Aleksandar Novakovic a.k.a. Aleks Supernova are published in Indian News / Publications. Since these are Indian Publications, obviously you have to speak around something Bollywood ( film industry of India ). You can find his self-posted articles always speaking about Paris Hilton and how his so-called association and positivity of starting projects in Bollywood.

We seriously like to see some so-called projects by him in India rather this so Paid Fake Articles which you can buy merely for $100 – $250. Publications below are available to publish anything you want. Just pay and get anything published. 

Below are the Indian Publications where his fake articles are posted.

Being into the Internet world, Aleksandar Novakovic knows the value of Self Branding and PR to keep himself in limelight. And he wisely used it.  Many publications has the same article from another publication. This is purely copy-paste self-drafted content.


Here are some snippets from his paid articles which are self-written and posted to brag about.

  • He starts a new project in Bollywood or not, but pictures with Paris Hilton and his achievements have made him a media favorite in India and in western countries. Seriously? Indians don’t care about you being Paris Hilton’s Ex or your friendship with Bollywood so-called friends.
  • Aleksandar Novakovic, also popularly known as Aleks Novakovic, is one such young entrepreneurial talent who has made a lot of buzzes not just in the business fields over the years but also made headlines in entertainment and media publications. Is it? We like to see which publications? All these which are paid?
  • As the ex of Paris Hilton, the media always covered him then and the media still covers him now, just for a different reason. Seriously? But why do you have to claim yourself and use Paris Hilton’s name in your own posted fake articles?

Here are more of his  Fake Self Posted  Paid Articles:

With $$$ comes paid article. We look forward to some real articles about him.


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