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Exposing: Alex Arabov, VOBARA & Fake Paid Articles




“Alex Arabov is the owner of a custom jewelry company, VOBARA” – Bio from Paid Articles.

Alex Arabov started his business in 2016 when he was in high school. His business turned into a big hit and he decided to get into it full-time. He was inspired by his father and uncle (who is the owner of Jacob the Jeweler) and he came up with the name VOBARA (his last name spelled backward) to pay tribute to his father, his biggest inspiration, who passed away when Arabov was only eight years old.

Alex Arabov Paid / Sponsor Interviews and  Feature Articles claim that he started getting recognition when he made custom jewelry for hip-hop artists like Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, Zoey Dollaz, Quincy, and King Combs. He made sure he won’t miss out on these celebrities by mentioning them in each and every Fake and sponsored article that is published. He also has a full-fledged article in which he talks about his partnership with the famous artist Rick Ross. It seems that he tends to do Fake Paid Articles to show off the world.



Alex Arabov understands that Brand building from scratch may seem difficult, but it is not impossible. To market himself and his brand,  he has opted for Paid interviews / Feature Articles that are easily available for purchase.  Since the articles are paid, it gives you the opportunity to highlight your brand as you want. The Article below publications can be purchased from Publication itself for $500 – $1200. They come with a disclaimer or are posted under Brand Content. For Example Article on Village Voice $1500, Khaleej  Times $600, etc.


Since Alex’s account is yet to be verified, it seems that he is doing a fake paid article in order to get the blue tick. The verification process has become very important in the world of social media because it enhances your authenticity and credibility. Also, when people notice the blue tick, the chances of converting them into your clients become ten times easier. We will also see Alex in top premium publications and in no time, you will see him verified. It’s all about $$$$, You get featured in top-tier publications if you have a budget of $$$$.

Below are a few more articles that may look Real and Organic. But even those are Fake and Paid. An Article in this publication does not even cost $100.  Those are damn affordable and can be bought directly from PR Freelancers from For Example, Fox Interview for $20Yahoo News through PR Services $350, etc.



Alex Arabov’s Brand VOBARA is also seen in below two publications sharing the paid spot with another brand. Such methods are usually done when brands can’t effort the cost of the article. But looking at Alex Arabov, our doubts are his PR team is publishing him in shared articles just to keep him in news and fast-forward the verification process. The purpose of these articles is merely to have “Brand Name in Article Title ”  +Publish in Top Tier Publications“.

Alex Arabov VOBARA Paid

Sharing Spot with another Brand Lulu

Sharing Spot with every day Success Team


Alex-Arabov-VOBARAWe also came across his article that is published in which is one of the prestigious publications. Getting published here requires to have credibility. So how come Alex Arabov ended up in This was possible because a publication like allows anyone to post their own content for $$$ under their Brand Content Program.  The approx pricing for Entrepreneur is $1500. So yes, Alex Arabov paid to get himself and his Brand VOBARA featured on When you are building your Brand top-notch then it’s worth investing in Entrepreneur Paid Articles.

We would love to watch Alex Arabov’s brand VOBARA grow, but not by reading his fake paid articles.

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