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Alexander Martino, Scaling Group LLC & Fake Paid Articles




“Alexander Martino is an self proclaimed entrepreneur and Founder of The Scaling Group LLC” – Bio from Paid Articles

Alexander Martino’s fake articles state that he is the founder of the most successful eCommerce LLC. He started working at a very young age and led his company to 8-figure revenues in less than a year. His paid feature articles and interviews also claim that he led his clients to become multimillionaires. Other than this, you will find him sharing tips on how to launch an eCommerce business in most of his articles. It is a common practice among entrepreneurs and founders when they have little to share in the articles.

Alexander understands the importance of Paid PR articles which are either done for Self Branding or verification. Many of the articles can be purchased from either Publication or from PR Freelancer for $100 – $500 except few top-tier publications which are at the higher end. Also when you invest so much on  Paid Fake Interviews then why not flaunt it on Social  Media which he is doing well in his Instagram Highlights –


His company has been accused of providing no support once they opt for the service and frauding a lot of clients



His Instagram bio claims “$250 Million In eCommerce/Agency Sales”, so it’s wise to invest in personal branding to gain some credibility. What could have been the best way other than getting featured in a few publications?  At the same time, it can help to verify. The blue badge provides enough authenticity among your clients when you work in the digital world. Alexander Martino is also seen promoting mentorship in a few of the paid coverage so you can contact him if you want to learn eCommerce.

Alexander Martino’s expertise, skillsets, and achievements may be real but not the below Interviews and Feature Articles which anyone can purchase if they have a budget to do so. For Example, Influencive costs $99,  Ibtimes cost $300, etc.



When you claim to be successful then it’s better to invest in some tier publications.  is one of the top-tier publications which you can purchase for $1500  from  itself or from any PR Service provider on or  All it takes is the right contact and budget to get anything published on Entrepreneur. Alexander’s entrepreneur article is Fake, Self Drafted, and Paid. This is why the article author is just a random author with no existence. This is because Entrepreneur let you publish your article under their brand content program under your desired author name.

Entrepreneur Paid Fake Article –



When you are not credible enough for Forbes USA [ ] then you can always go for  Forbes Monaco [] which offers to publish your content under “Brand Voice“. Basically, you have to submit your own content ( it doesn’t matter what the content is )  and they publish it for $3000.  This gives you the liberty to glamorize yourself as like you.  Some PR Service providers also merge many clients into a single article and come up with topics like “Top 10 Entrepreneurs To Follow This Year” which has zero credibility as they are just made up a list for paid publishing.  Why not divide the cost of $3000 among 5 – 6 entrepreneurs to get listed in the article?

Hope he gets  some Real  Coverage in Future


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