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Alois Köhle, Social Swap Collab | Crypto & Fake Paid Articles




“Alois Kohle is a so-called Crypto Entrepreneur and Founder of Social Swap [ ]  and Social Collab []” – Bio from Paid Articles

Alois Kohle paid interviews and feature article speaks about his life struggle from Chef and Waiter to Founder of Blockchain startup. He can be seen preaching about blockchain adoption and technology in various paid articles. In his Paid Interviews, he also says that he came to the world of investment and entrepreneurship after working in the affiliate marketing niche. Then It is obvious that he understands the concept of SEO, Self Branding, and Online Reputation. Hence we can see him doing paid interviews, success stories, or opinion-based articles to clean old reputations and to promote his Startup – Social Swap.

Btw Alois Kohle has been tagged as Fraud and Scammer in many of the forums for his Crypto-based Startups [ Social Collab & CMMT Revolution ] in association with Aleksandar Novakovic which can be seen below. We are not here to judge his past action but only to expose his Paid interviews and Success Stories that he did to enhance his credibility.

Forums where people are discussing him as Fraud:

When you have invested so much in self-branding then it is necessary to flaunt them on social media. Seems like he did for Facebook Verification which he eventually achieved.


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified after doing below Paid Articles ]


It is no surprise that many entrepreneurs today consider themselves experts in blockchain and cryptocurrency. To stand out from the crowd,  it is best to get featured in a few publications or to get verified to build some reputation and credibility.  Alois Köhle shares various advice and tips around real estate, online marketing, and crypto which is not even read by him but written by some random content writer for him and which is later published on a few of the below publications that can be purchased from for $50 – $100.  This  Publication just publishes any content you give to them, this is why anything you read about him on the below publication is just Fake and  Paid.


Some of the Articles are with Disclaimer and are Credible. These publications [ VillageVoice, Flaunt, DailyCaller ] cost you around $800  – $1200  and can be directly purchased from the Publication itself. So any advice or opinion you see on the below publication is just random content that is written merely for the sole purpose – “Name in Title”  and for  “Verification”.



Getting Featured on Forbes is all about $$$$ and the right PR contact person who claims to feature you organically. But the Truth is that Forbes contributors work on Pay to Publish. You can find such contributors from PR Service Providers either on Freelancing sites such as or UPWORK.  Shama Hyder is one of the such Forbes contributors who was involved in Paid Article and is currently banned. Alois Kohle’s Forbes article is one of the paid articles by Shama Hyder. And Do not forget the same image that he used in all his  Paid Articles.



Entrepreneur Publication Allows you to Post any Interview or Success Stories for $1500 – $2000 depending on the version [ India or the Asia  Pacific ]  under their Brand Content Program. Since the commercial is costly, hence the common method used by the PR  service provider is to merge 2 clients in the same article to save the cost. Eventually, if both the entrepreneur has a common goal [ To get Featured ]  then why not share the spot in the article.

Alois Kohle’s article with Kevin Beutler is another Sponsor Article that we can’t trust that is written in the article.

When you have some bad reputation to cover, it  is good to invest in Paid Articles.

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