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Amer Kamra, Hammer Fitness Coaching and Fake Paid Articles




Amer Kamra is a Toronto, Canada-based trainer. He is an entrepreneur and professional bodybuilder with lots of Titles under his name. He is popularly known as ” Amer the Hammer”. He has three online ventures: Hammer Fitness, LadytheFup, and MantheFup”. – From his  Paid Articles.

Amer Kamra is a credible professional fitness personality. But like other desperate people, he also opted for Paid PR Articles which are self-drafted and posted in various Publications to glamorize his effort of giving online training to work on your physiques during a pandemic. We could have believed him if those publications have covered him Organically but since it is all Paid, it’s difficult to digest all his good work. One of his Websites – [ Not Renewed ] has below a banner that says Featured on. But Sorry, Those are paid ones that we will discuss as we go ahead.


The funny part is that most of the articles are on Indian Publications such as Outlook India, Telegraph India, and Ibtimes which are easily available to publish anything you want about yourself with a mere just $$$. No Validation. Nothing. You can just post anything about yourself as you want. Seems like some PR agency or PR Freelancer pitched him social media verification by placing his articles in these publications. We will explore this below.

SOCIAL  PRESENCE: [ Verified  after  doing below  Paid Articles ] [ Verified  after  doing below  Paid Articles ]  [ Verified  after  doing below  Paid Articles ]  [ Verified  after  doing below  Paid Articles ]

Some extra effort Bio Creation:


You are Canadian right? You need global exposure. Why Indian Publication? I know why. As I said Earlier, Indian Publications are easily available to publish anything you want. You can just give your own article and voila. You are Featured. Also, it helps to get verified,  so his actions to purchase articles from Indian Publications are justified.

Amer-Kamra-Fitness [ Who buys this? Even Indians do not buy articles on this Nagpur website. ] [ You Missed as well which you can buy from Indian Sales Team ]


You will find his Facebook Post with the status ” Woke up to a nice surprise a day before my birthday!!!! Surreal that I’m featured on Entrepreneur, the largest entrepreneurial website in the world 😃”  Seriously? You are pretending to believe this paid post-like is a surprise? That’s  Great Man.!!

Amer Kamra FB

This is also a 100% paid article by Anir Ban on Entrepreneur India. Entrepreneur India has a sponsor content option where you pay $$$ and you can get anything published. Anir Ban Entrepreneur is not a contributor profile but a Sponsor Content Profile. This is why Anir Ban Author profile is blank with no pictures and contributors’ details like you see with other writers on All articles under his profile are Paid including Amer Kamra.


Seems like Amer Kamra didn’t see that the Article is on Entrepreneur India not on Global Entrepreneur. This is a 100% Paid Article by Amer Kamra who must have purchased it in PR Package.


Some more spam sites where Amer Kamra’s article can be seen. Nothing in this list is organic as these sites are used to dump any article you want for PR and Verification. You get this at $50 – $100. [ This is not Actual Yahoo, You post an article on Latestly, and this syncs on Yahoo ] [ A Free Community Post ] [ Famous for Pay to Publish Model ] [ Famous for Pay to Publish Model ]

Hope to see more of Self Posted Paid Articles by Amer Kamra.


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