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Forbes magazine is a media and publishing company that is one of the top leading publications among other famous media outlets. It is known for its daily news coverage on business, technology, financial markets, personal finance, sports, and many others. Being a top-tier publication, it is a favorite among the SEO and PR Community.   A Mention in this publication can skyrocket your reputation making you popular and credible overnight.

Getting Covered or Featured in Forbes comes with a lot of pros. It helps in building credibility, increases exposure, and helps in organic reach and SEO ranking. But getting Featured on Forbes isn’t a piece of cake. Only credible people and entities get the opportunity to be covered by Forbes. But over a period of time, it got easier to get your article published in this prestigious publication. The question is how? By opting for PR services. These PR service providers have a network of contributors through which they can get anyone featured. Mind this, they charge a good amount of money to get articles published on Forbes.

Annie Brown [ ]  is among the contributors who are known for doing Paid PR Articles. Annie Brown is the founder of Lips, a feminist technology organization, building products designed to give opportunities to underserved and intersectionally marginalized communities. Her articles revolve majorly around AI technologies and products. Among these articles, she has smartly written paid articles for her clients to make them look real and organic.


Update: It is observed that his writing privilege has been revoked by Forbes after she published a few paid articles which were reported.

Few of Annie Brown’s articles are only suspicious and Paid not all articles.

Alexandra Squire Paid Mention:

Alexandra Squire was an on-air journalist who has now turned into a full-time artist. She is also the founder of Squire Fine Art. Alexandra Squire has a brand mention on Forbes which an insight into her artwork. This is one of the ways to get featured on Forbes and also cost less than compared to the full feature articles. We have covered Alexandra Squire on our website who has done a lot of Paid PR Articles.


AC Hampton Brand Mention:

AC Hampton is an entrepreneur, business coach as well as the Founder of Supreme Ecom, an eCommerce course. Annie Brown has also done a paid brand mention for AC Hampton. You can also read more about AC Hampton’s paid articles here.


Nick McCandless Feature Article:

Nick McCandless is an entrepreneur and the founder of McCandless Group. His feature article by Annie Brown is a Paid PR Article. You can read more about his Paid PR articles here.


Peter Kaindl managing director of Kronospan’s Feature Article:

Peter Kaindl is managing director of Kronospan, one of the world’s largest wood manufacturing multinationals. Peter Kaindl’s other paid articles are on Ibtimes, Entrepreneur, and Forbes Monaco too.  Peter Kaindle’s feature article by Annie Brown is a also paid article.


Faisal Shafique Feature Article:

Faisal Shafique is an Instagram social media Influencer and Entrepreneur. Even an influencer also needs promotion in form of a Feature Article which we covered in our publications.  Faisal Shafiqu’s article by Annie Brown is also Paid.


The List can go on…

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