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Anthony Robert Malascalza, LCM & Fake Paid Articles




“Anthony Malascalza, the Founder of Limitless Consulting and Marketing, Inc. and a musician” – Bio from Paid Articles

Anthony Malascalza’s paid interviews and fake articles majorly speak about the success and struggles he faced while building his business empire. Being from a middle-class family, Anthony faced financial drawbacks and had to drop out of college. But that didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream. At the age of 21, he started his first company, Limitless Consulting, and Marketing, INC. Soon, he has grown LCM Inc into a multi-dollar business through hard work, determination, and a strong work ethic. He also pursued his dream of becoming an artist and has many chart-topping hits under his production.

Anthony Robert Malascalza has an inspiring story, a successful business, and a music career that needs global exposure. Btw the Musical Stories and Articles are just fake and created to portray himself as Musician and Artist because that leads to verification Fast. And what could have been the best way for mass exposure other than Paid media mentions and feature articles? Looking at his below-paid and fake interviews, it looks like he is looking to get verified. Another reason behind doing paid articles is to enhance his credibility among his followers and readers. You will notice him promoting his free special program where he teaches young entrepreneurs who do not get financial support. So it’s better to have some credibility through the below-paid interviews and feature articles before promoting the program.

His expertise, struggle, and achievements may be real but not the below interviews and feature articles which can be bought from any PR service provider for $100 – $999. It’s all about having a decent budget rather than having an actual inspiring story.

And why not flaunt it on social media which he is doing well –  Instead of flaunting paid articles, he should have renewed his firm website [ ] which is suspended.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Deleted ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]


Anthony Malascalza’s self-drafted paid interviews claim that he has a multi-dollar business, so investing $$$$ in self-branding seems completely fair.  Anthony’s articles seem very motivating but they are also monotonous and poorly written by some random content writers. There is no rocket science required to understand that these articles are just drafted with one purpose ” Name in Title” without actually giving value to readers.  Well, if you are spending good $$$$ on credible publications then why not spare some $$$ for the content team? His content team should really work on his articles. These happen only when some publications do not care about plagiarism or quality as they purely work on “Pay to Publish”. These publications can be bought from any Freelancing site like for $50 – $100.

For example, Influencive cost $99, LiveMint $150, and Odyssey Online $20.  You can claim whatever you want in these paid fake articles.

Anthony-Malascalza-Paid--Article [ Free to register and Post ]

Apart from the above spam publications, there are some credible publications that allow anyone to post their own self-drafted content under their paid content program with a disclaimer. Anything you write in the below publication about Anthony Malascalza is just fake PR Articles.  You can directly buy this from the publication itself. For Example – LAWeekly cost $500.


Some Publications Look like Favuroite of Anthony Malascalza where he can publish a lot of articles. Btw these publications cost $100. Just draft your own article and pay them to get it published anything you want.

When your objective is to get verified without actually checking the content, then some mistakes are acceptable such as posting the same content on the publications. And even publications do not care about repetitive posting as long you pay them. [ Same Content Posted Twice] [ Same Content Posted Twice] [ Same Content Posted Twice] [ Same Content Posted Twice]


With a decent budget and the right PR contact, it is not difficult to get featured on Forbes. Anthony Malascalza’s Forbes article by Mike Swigunski is Paid article.  A feature article on Forbes can cost around $4000 – $6000 and can be purchased from Swapd. co or This was the last article by the Forbes Contributor. After this Swigunski is banned for his paid activity and we have covered him in our publications. Seems like Anthony’s feature article was bad luck to the contributor. LCM takes great pride in showcasing this paid article on Social  Media.


Apart from Forbes, another sponsor article from the Chicago Tribune is a great investment. Chicago Tribune claims that he has created a multi-million dollar business. Can we really believe some article which is submitted by him only for publishing? Chicago Tribune cost $3000.

Hope Self-Made Millionaire gets some Real and Organic Interviews instead of Paid.


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