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Anthony Mendez, Fitness Coach & Fake Paid Articles




“Anthony Mendez is a health and fitness coach. He is also a co-host of the Sweat It Out Podcast and also runs a Full-Service Marketing  Agency – Fitness Pro Agency.” – Bio from Paid Articles.

Anthony Mendez offers Marketing and PR Services catering and is focused on the Fitness Niche, so it’s obvious he knows where to buy Paid  Placements. You can usually see him flaunting his  Media Mentions for newbie trainers in the form of short reels/videos as if they are real. Those articles are 100% Paid and sponsored. Basically, you are not featured due to your credibility but due to $$$. 

His fake own posted Paid articles describe Anthony Mendez as a rising entrepreneur and business coach who is committed to helping health and fitness professionals, trainers, and entrepreneurs who are struggling with their businesses. We can see his Instagram is filled with tips related to the fitness industry, Instagram, and other business advice.  No Doubt he is a skilled Fitness Coach but his credibility comes into question when we find him doing paid articles and paid placements glamorizing himself.  Also if you are looking to get verified then follow his paid articles. He has some excellent paid articles under his sleeves which are ideal for Verification also.

You may see him in his  Video here –  talking about the importance of Media mentions and Leveraging social media in other ways. Someone here is talking about  Self Branding who himself did all Paid Articles. Can someone tell him that everyone cannot afford PR like you? Some work on real and organic mentions.

If you browse his website [ ], You will find the Below banner saying ” Featured In“. Seriously? You are Featured? I would say “Paid for” is the right statement.


Btw, we could NOT find his mention. Rest getting on Bloomberg or Yahoo through paid press releases is not rocket science. You can directly buy that from AccessWire Press Release Service.


You can see him on his Instagram flaunting how he got Featured in  Entrepreneur [ ] and Forbes [ ]. But it’s a Scam. Basically whoever PR  Services he opted for bought the advertisement slot of 1 Page in that magazine where he mentioned 4 – 6 entrepreneurs in the form of Advice.  Those mentions in the magazines are basically PAID ADVERTISEMENT. You can take your time to see the video in slow motion to find the disclaimer on the magazine page as “Advertisement”  They are not covered Naturally by the publications. A Layman can be wowed by his coverage but we all know the truth behind his coverage. Any Guess on how much he paid $$$$ for this mention?

Forbes-&-Entrepreneur-ScamWe were also not surprised by his Article on Disrupt Magazine under the Author Profile of Ulyses Osuna ( Seems like we now know his PR guy ). The article says that “He has graced top magazines and publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, Men’s Health Magazine, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, Thrive Global, Stay Fit 305, and Miami Under 40, to name a few.” Common Man, You paid for those articles and you are bragging about it as if you were naturally covered.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Domain-Expired ] [ Verified after doing below-Paid articles ] [ Go to and You can make your IMDB Profile merely for $20 ]


Anthony Mendez understands the value of Brand Identity and hence we can see that he has heavily invested in posting Self Paid Fake Articles on various publications which are known for the Pay to Publish Model. You pay $$$ and You can publish anything you want yourself.


Anthony-MendezHe has gone a step ahead to create a Page on some random Wikipedia-look-like Replica website which you can create for merely $100-

Top 10 List and Under 30 – 40 List is nothing but a Paid Article.

You will find him listed in the Top 10 Listicle Paid Article format which is very popular in today’s PR world. Like a PR  Guy merges 10 people and list them in articles. These are the people who pay for the spot in the article. These top 10 articles are then published on random paid sites which looks like a News site but it’s actually WordPress site made to dump articles l like this. Some of the such paid articles where Anthony Mendez is listed are below. Publications such as Influencive, NY weekly, and LAWire are available on a Pay to Publish. For example Article on Influencive costs $100, NY Weekly for $400, and more.

Getting listed under the list of 30 or 40 by some random Publication where you can pay and get anything posted is not that hard. You pay $$$ and you can create your own list and get anyone listed. You will find Anthony Mendez claiming himself to be listed under the 30s  and 40s in various articles. What’s the big deal? Anyone can get listed with $$$. The so-called  List of this  publication itself is Fake and created to  such out money from Entrepreneurs  in the name of “Recognization”

You will also find a lot of his Articles on ThriveGlobal. Just for your information, The website is free to register or you can get your articles posted on Thriveglobal for $50 – $10 through any Freelancer in SEO Community.

The best investment of Anthony Mendez is the Forbes Article. Sliding to Forbes Article is not easy but Anthony Mendez or his PR Freelancer did a great job by making his connection with Stephanie Burns ( Who is known for publishing clients on Forbes articles). You will find Anthony Mendez mentioned in the below article which is a Paid Mention but unfortunately without a backlink. Never mind, a Mention in Forbes without a backlink is still a good catch.


Below is the list of websites/publications where Anthony Mendez did fake paid articles to promote himself. Below publications are easily available on all  Freelancing sites for merely $50  – $400. [ You can get on Yahoo through Press Release Service ] [ You can directly publish an article by opting for their Paid Article service at ] [ Part of Paid Network ] [ Part of Paid Network ]

There are many more Fake Paid Articles you can find about him by just doing a google search of his Name.


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