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BikData – Ayman Kabalan | Franzua Rudder & Fake Paid Articles




The advent of blockchain technology has ushered in a wave of over 500 promising blockchain startups, each offering applications that extend far beyond mere utility. Among these innovative ventures is “BikData,” a startup founded by Ayman Kabalan, a renowned SAP Expert and lead technologist, who also played a pivotal role as the founder of the musical NFT movement at Ünga. Currently serving as BikData’s CEO is Franzua Rudder. The core mission of BikData revolves around the aggregation and secure storage of data from various ERP systems into a single, immutable blockchain. This blockchain ensures data integrity and can be accessed and verified at any given moment.

To distinguish itself in a competitive landscape, it’s essential for BIKDATA to effectively communicate its Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to a wider audience using diverse marketing strategies. BikData is committed to advancing its vision and mission, and this includes leveraging Content Marketing, although there is a possibility that they are also using Fake Paid Articles. You can observe this in their Telegram channel [], where they proudly showcase paid articles and share them within their community, presenting them as genuine and organic content.

Disclaimer: We are here only to explore BikDataX’s Paid and Fake Articles only not their Project. BTW Their Project failed and they closed it.

BikData-Publication-TemplatesDo not forget the Fake followers [ 300K ] on BIKDATA’s Instagram Page. The Social Media of BikData is a dead community and each post is filled with Fake comments and Likes.  Someone here flaunting the below Fake Paid Articles on Instagram as if they got it organically –

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [At least spend some money on new templates ]


When you want your community or investors to invest in the project, it is necessary to convince them with your credibility or strong fundamentals vision and usage. If not then media mentions are always the best way which eventually serves both purposes  – Marketing and credibility enhancement. Most of BikData’s articles are Paid /  Sponsor with Disclaimer. These articles cannot be called Featured, instead, they can be called Paid.

Articles on Publication such as Flaunt, LAweekly, Jpost,  VillageVoice can be purchased directly by them for $500 – $999. When you are paying for the publishing, then you have the leverage to write anything you want about your startup such as Future-Oriented Blockchain Company, BikData has Potential to the Next Level, etc.

With an Additional budget, You can publish on Mashable under Press Release with Disclaimer –

BikData-Paid--Article [ Can be purchased under Advertising option ] [ Can be purchased under Advertising option ] [ Can be purchased under Advertising option ] [ Can be purchased under Advertising option ] [ Can be purchased under Advertising option ] [ Can be purchased under Advertising option ] [ Can be purchased under Advertising option ] [ Can be purchased under Advertising option ]

Below are some Paid  Articles that anyone can buy from or Ayman Kabalan and President Franzua Rudder really made a good investment in promoting BikData. Most of the publications are Spam websites where anyone can publish content for merely $10  – $100.  So anything you read here is self-drafted and submitted to publishers.

BikData is on How?

BikData’s mention in the Entrepreneur Article is a Paid mention. A few more clients along with BikData are mentioned in this article. Anyone can get mentioned in Entrepreneur for $500 – $600  from any freelancer on Usually, most of the paid mention is seen on Entrepreneur India because Entrepreneur India allows posting any article under their Brand Content for $1500. So freelancer or PR Guy clubs multiple clients in a single client and publishes on Entrepreneur India.  The Article of BikData is  100% Fake and Paid.


We hope to see some Real Media  Coverage of BikData rather than this all Fake and Paid one.


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