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Camilo Duomat, Parteface Academy & Fake Paid Articles




Camilo Duomat is Self Proclaimed eCommerce Entrepreneur – Bio from the paid article

Camilo is depicted as a prosperous entrepreneur who achieved financial independence early in his career through paid interviews and feature articles. In these articles, he asserts that his online ecommerce business enabled him to acquire luxury assets. As someone deeply involved in digital marketing, he recognizes the significance of media exposure, whether paid or organic. Emphasizing the importance of credibility, he advocates for this paid article as a suitable means to establish it. Alongside his online mentorship program at Parteface Academy, Camilo guides aspiring eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Camilo Doumat’s featured success stories which are paid narrate the profound impact of owning his e-commerce business on his life. These stories highlight how it played a pivotal role in Camilo’s journey to financial independence, liberating him from the constraints of being under someone else’s authority. According to his social media, Camilo Doumat proudly showcases two Lamborghini acquired through the success of his online business. While acknowledging his expertise and noteworthy accomplishments, such as generating $1.3 million in a single month, it’s worth noting that his articles are assuredly paid and sponsored.

We assume that these Paid Interviews / Success Stories were done forSocial Media Verification which he eventually achieved [ Facebook ]. Also when someone invest so much in Paid Articles then they need to use them for marketing and branding also and we can see that  Camilo is doing wisely on Parteface Academy’s website -[  not renewed now ] where he claims his courses/academy to be 1 in Spanish in the world. Seriously? Publishing your own article on Yahoo and bragging?


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified After below Paid Articles ] [ Verified After below Paid Articles ] [ Inactive ]


Camilo Doumat proudly showcases his vacations, camping adventures, watches, and cars on social media, aiming to persuade others that they too can attain a similar lifestyle by enrolling in his course. In one of his articles, Camilo disclosed that flaunting his Lamborghinis is part of a deliberate effort to build his personal brand. Recognizing the importance of self-branding, he justifies his engagement in paid interviews and success stories. The rationale behind this is that when conducting paid articles, publications provide the liberty to portray oneself and one’s life in a glamorous light. Essentially, individuals submit their own crafted content, which is then published. This raises the question of whether we can genuinely place trust in such interviews and feature articles.


Either Camilo or perhaps his PR service provider strategically secured placements in certain Indian publications recognized for their “sponsored content” practices. Publications such as Mid Day or Live Mint typically charge $150 for such placements. Therefore, any information you encounter about him in these publications should be regarded as potentially misleading, as it may be fabricated and paid for.

When you are doing paid articles, one simply can’t miss out on some Cheap and affordable Publications that can be purchased from for $50 – $100. These articles look Real and Organic but they are also  Fake and Paid. You will also notice that his articles are similar and repetitive. He should spend more on his content team than just bragging about his Lambos.

Camilo Duomat’s Paid Article also includes some Credible Publications and Getting Featured here does not require you to have any skillset or credibility. It’s all about $$$. These publications [Flaunt, Village Voice, JPost] allow posting anything under their sponsored content with a disclaimer for $800 – $999.

When you are doing Paid Articles, then publication do sometimes makes mistake and they do not care about deleting them. Instead, they republish it again. And looks like is Camilo Doumat or his PR’s favorite publication.


Securing placement for your article on Forbes is a challenging feat, demanding a substantial level of credibility for publication. However, the process has been facilitated by the presence of adept PR service providers with connections in various Forbes regional publications, including Forbes Colombo. For a fee ranging from $2000 to $3000, one can have their article featured on Forbes Colombo. Camilo’s credibility has experienced a significant boost following his Forbes feature, and this accomplishment is likely to contribute to the verification of his Instagram account.


Camilo Doumat is also seen sharing the spot with a fellow entrepreneur Omar Wala. Omar Wala is another entrepreneur who has been doing paid articles and has been published in our publication. Such practice is usually done to share the commercial and getting featured on Times of Israel ain’t cheap. So it is preferable to share the commercial.

We like to see some Real Success Stories and Interviews.


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