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Camilo Duomat, Parteface Academy & Fake Paid Articles




Camilo Duomat, Venezuela-based American eCommerce Entrepreneur and Mentor – Bio from the paid article

His paid interviews/feature article portrays him to be a successful entrepreneur who became financially independent at a very young age. He also shares that he bought luxury assets from his online business. Along with eCommerce, he also masters in digital marketing which has helped him build brand awareness and credibility. Besides his online mentorship- at Parteface Academy, he mentors aspiring eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Camilo Duomat’s below Paid Success Stories speak about how having his own e-commerce business has drastically changed Camilo’s life. It has helped him to become financially independent and free from the trouble of being bossed around. Also as per his social media, Camilo Doumat has two Lamborghinis which was possible because of his online business. Well, we don’t doubt his expertise and achievements such as how he made 1.3 million dollars in one month, but his articles are guaranteed Paid Self Drafted, and Fake.

We assume that these Paid Interviews / Success Stories are done in order to enhance his credibility and or Social Media Verification which he eventually achieved [ Facebook ]. Also when you invest so much in Paid Articles then you need to use them for marketing and branding also and he is doing wisely on Parteface Academy’s website -[ ] where he claims his courses/academy to be 1 in Spanish in the world. Seriously? Publishing your own article on Yahoo and bragging?


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified After below Paid Articles ] [ Verified After below Paid Articles ] [ Inactive ]


Camilo Duomat is seen bragging about his vacations, camping trips, watches, and other cars on his Social Media convincing people to opt for his courses which have helped him to achieve that luxurious life. Camilo Duomat also mentioned in one of his articles that posting about his Lambos was a part of his personal brand-building exercise. He understands the value of self-branding, hence him doing paid Interviews and Sucess stories is justified. When you are doing paid articles, publications give you the freedom to glamorize yourself and your life. Basically, you give your own drafted content and get it published.


He or his PR Service provider placed him on a few Indian  Publications that are known for “Pay to Publish”. Publications like Mid Day or Live Mint cost $150. So anything you read about him below publications is not a thing but fake and self-posted.

When you are doing paid articles, one simply can’t miss out on some Cheap and affordable Publications that can be purchased from for $50 – $100. These articles look Real and Organic but they are also  Fake and Paid. You will also notice that his articles are similar and repetitive. He should spend more on his content team than just bragging about his Lambos.

Camilo Duomat’s Paid Article profile also includes some Credible Publications and Getting Featured here does not require you to have any skillset or credibility. It’s all about $$$. These publications [Flaunt, Village Voice, JPost] allow posting anything under their sponsored content with a disclaimer for $800 – $999.

When you are doing Paid Articles, then publication do sometimes makes mistake and they do not care about deleting them. Instead, they republish it again. And looks like is Camilo Doumat or his PR’s favorite publication.


Getting your article on Forbes isn’t easy. It requires enough credibility to get your article published. But it has become easier when you have a good PR service provider who has a contact in the publication. All you need is enough $$$$ to get your article published. Camilo Doumat’s credibility has enhanced drastically after his feature on Forbes and will help in verifying his Instagram account.


Camilo Doumat is also seen sharing the spot with a fellow entrepreneur Omar Wala. Omar Wala is another entrepreneur who has been doing paid articles and has been published in our publication. Such practice is usually done to share the commercial and getting featured on Times of Israel ain’t cheap. So it is preferable to share the commercial.

We like to see some Real Success Stories and Interviews.

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