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Chris Jenkins, Founder of Giovvani & His Fake Paid Articles



Chris Jenkins

” Chris Jenkins is an eCommerce expert and founder of the luxury sneaker brand, Giovvani. Chris has achieved financial freedom by engaging in various business ventures over the years.” – From his Paid  Articles.

When you cant be on Wikipedia then it’s good to be on a replica of the Wikipedia site –

Looks like he wanted to get verified but unfortunately, he is not. He needs to invest a little more in Paid Articles on some really top-tier publications,  instead of these spam publications.

SOCIAL  PRESENCE: [ Verified due to Below  Paid Articles ]


Through Chris Jenkins’s Paid Articles, he shares the importance of saving money. Basically, Saving & Investments are critical for any entrepreneur which is quite true. However, the problem is not here about his perspective but about his Paid activity where he glorifies his expertise. All the Articles are Paid and Self Posted using various Link sellers. Let’s explore his Self Paid  Articles.

As usual, here it is – (  Pay like $20 – $50 and you post any shit about you on this website ), and who does know about JPost ( Brand Content) and  SFWeekly?

Chris Jenkins

Here are a few more Paid Articles snippets. The American Reporter, Haute Living, Business, LAWeekly. This Publications can post anything you want as long you pay their charges. So anything you read about Chris Jenkins below publications are self-written and posted under sponsor/brand content. 

Just go to or and you can buy all these publications for $100 – $200.


Here are more of his Self Paid Articles. [ Random Blog ] [ You can  buy article on this  publication for $100 and then you  get  placed on  Yahoo  ] [ $50 publication available on ]  [ $10 publication available on ]

Chris Jenkins believes that good money management is key to entrepreneurial success but he also believes that promoting himself by paying publications to post about him is also a way to good promote. And he did it.


Let the  Publication / Media cover you naturally when you are really  a successful Entrepreneur.

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