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Matt James Hersh, Business Coach & Fake Paid Articles




” Matt James Hersh is a business coach and consultant that helps entrepreneurs and experts in their fields create meaningful impact with their business.” – Bio from Paid Articles

Matt Hersh’s paid article says that he loves his work and is able to make a meaningful impact on his clients. His article also speaks about how he helps his clients launch 6-figure businesses and his past job switch and how he ended up being a Coach. Really be inspiring if those article that speaks about you were real and organic rather than paying yourself and posting. Someone is taking pride in those Paid  Articles by putting them below the banner on the website. Instead of saying “Featured in”, it should be “Paid for”.


SOCIAL  PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Articles ]


You can find his Instagram Story feed praising himself for his own Paid Articles. It goes something like “Honored to be featured in @Yahoofinance” under the title ” Top 20 Entrepreneurs And Their Tips For Success “. Common You get this Yahoo Finance article through AccessWire Press Release Service. Basically, someone compiles a list of 10 or 20 entrepreneurs and charges them to get listed in this article. The List of top 10 or 20 that is currently going in the Digital work is as bogus as this article which claims to be organic. Btw Yahoo no more allows such articles now.


Below are some Publications where Mr.Matt James Hersh paid to get his article published. You can easily publish anything you want about yourself merely by paying $50 – $400. For Example, Mid Day & Deccan Herald are Indian publications that you can get for $150. A publication such as Influencive, The American Reporter, America Daily post is available on freelancing sites for $100.

Matt-Hersh [ Free to Post ] [ $150 Paid Post ]

Unfortunately at this moment, all his articles are Fake and Self Posted. Hope we will find real articles about Matt James Hersh.

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