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Cody Kerns, iComeUp Marketing & Fake Paid Articles




“Cody Kerns is a digital marketing expert and Founder of iComeUp Marketing [ marketing agency ] ” – Bio  from  Paid Article

His fake paid  Article states that Cody Kerns started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 13 years old. He started earning pocket money from small businesses. This phase helped him to prepare for his real-life entrepreneurial ventures. Cody took a drop from college and started his digital marketing agency “iComeUp Marketing” offering digital marketing solutions. After becoming a huge success, Cody founded two other companies namely, Kerns Marketing and Kerns Capital which is a digital marketing agency and investment company respectively.

Cody Kern himself being into PR Services understands the importance of Paid Feature Articles. Hence we can see him doing a lot of Paid and  Sponsor Content. This may help him to get verified and at the same time can serve samples for his pitching to clients.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below-paid articles ] [ Verified due to below-paid articles ] [At least Renew it ]


Cody Kerns is a digital marketing professional and he himself sells Press Articles through his website [ ] is well aware of where to buy these paid articles and at wholesale price. Cody has made sure people are aware of his so-called achievements which may be true or may not be doing fake paid articles. You will find a lot of his articles under sponsored and paid content. Since the articles are paid, you will find repetitive content in his articles. Truly inspiring and motivating as it seems, Cody Kerns has been doing fake PR to influence young people and when you are earning well, investing in yourself will help you in the long run.

Cody Kerns is verified on Instagram and Facebook which has played a key role in proving his authenticity and boosting his credibility among brands and companies. But the fact that he’s been doing fake paid articles won’t serve the purpose. Publications like Flaunt, Village  Voice, etc allow you to post any content under their Sponsor Content for $800  – $999.

Cody-Kerns-Publication-Templates“During the last 5 years, Cody has earned more than $15 million from sales on social media without spending a fortune on ads”. That’s what Cody Kerns has mentioned in one of his paid articles, but another side of the story is, Cody has been spending a fortune on his fake paid articles to get himself verified. He speaks about getting real followers for engagement but paying publications to get himself featured. How one is supposed to believe him after knowing about his fake articles?

Here are some more Publications that can be purchased either from any Facebook  PR / Guest  Posting group or Fiverr for $100 – $150.  Publications like Influencive, Disrupt Magazine, and Kivo Daily are known for their “Pay to Publish”  Model. Any  Interviews /  Feature Articles you find on these sites are nothing but self-posted and paid. Another example is FutureShark and  SoInfluentcial which can be purchased from the website itself for approx $175 [ ].

Cody-Kerns-Paid--Article [ Free to Register ] [ Deleted ]

Hope to find some real Cody Kern’s Media Interviews and Feature Articles instead of this Fake and Paid.


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