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” Jack Skipp is a crypto Trader. He also creates YouTube videos about investments, traditional markets, commodities, and cryptocurrency for his large subscriber base. ” – Paid Article Bio

Jack Skipp aka CryptoJack shares practices for new investors through his program called  Bitcoin Blueprint. You can see lots of videos speaking about investment and his tips related to crypto. These paid articles are to promote him as an experienced and professional Trader. Looking at his investment in Paid Articles, I would say a Big NO NO to trust whatever he says in the article because, in the end, those are 100% Fake and  Paid. Just a Bunch of Articles written on his behalf by some Writer and Posted.

After so much investment in Paid Articles, Getting Verified was not that hard. Jack Skipp can be seen celebrating his verification on Social Media as if he was verified due to his credibility.  It’s all about $$$$.


SOCIAL  PRESENCE: [ Verified after doing below Fake Articles ] [ Verified after doing below Fake Articles ]


When you are in crypto trading then it’s a wise decision to invest some profits in Self Branding. Also, there are tons of YouTubers around and Influencers claiming to be Crypto Experts or Mentors,  so what makes you stand out? It’s the Verified Badge and Google is filled with some Feature and Interview articles that glorify him and his BTC BluePrint Course.  Most of Crypto Trader-   Jack Skipp’s articles are Sponsor / Brand  Content with a disclaimer which is not difficult to judge that Paid One.

For Example, you can pay  $150  to EdTimes, and the content can get pushed to Yahoo News, $700 – $800 to HauteLiving, and Publish anything you want. Similar JPost, you can buy Feature Article slots from them at $800. Give them any content and they publish about you without validating anything.


Another way to recognize the Paid Article is to see the Author, You will find DN  Desk News or DN Desk as an author in the maximum of the Article. It is obvious that Jack Skipp opted the PR Services to publish good things about him. Such Paid Article Package varies from $3 – $4k. Alternatively these publications are  cheaply   available  on ( Freelancer Portal )

It is obvious that Jack Skipp opted the PR Services to publish good things about him.

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