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DJ Bander | Zachary Kern Schnall & Fake Paid Articles




” Zachary Kern-Schnall aka DJ Bander is a highly versatile producer, DJ, and remixer .” – Bio from  Paid  Articles.

With extensive music composition training From BAM, USC, and Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles, Zachary Kern-Schnall is a highly versatile DJ  with major production achievements under his sleeves. The achievements are of no use if not put in front of the Crowd.  The Ideal way is to get featured in various media outlets/publications. This helps to enhance credibility and at the same time helps you to get a verified Badge.

In order to get featured in Media  Outlets / Publications, you need to be a credible or notable person. If not then what you need is a budget of $$$$ and a contact of PR that can offer Paid Interviews and Feature articles in the Package.  We can see DJ Bander flaunting all his Paid Articles on Social Media making Instagram highlights as if they are real and organically covered. Although his proficiency and abilities in music may be accurate, his feature articles and interviews are not necessarily truthful. They are 100% Paid & Sponsored.

Maximizing the benefits of paid interviews and mentions is through Social  Media and DJ Bander can be seen doing well on his Social Media  Handles.  He is appreciating his own paid articles as if its organic and real. [  This isn’t Fox also, These are such  $25 PR Services where they publish on affiliate sites of Fox, CBS, and NBC which are not associated with real Fox News in any way. You can buy it from here ]


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified after doing below-Paid Articles ] [ Verified after doing below-Paid Articles ]


One of Zachary Kern-Schnall aka DJ Bander’s paid articles informs that he has formed a partnership with PR agency Alter New Media, so it’s evident that he understands the importance of Self Branding and Marketing. Thatswhy we can see DJ Bander investing $$$$ in self-promotion. All of his Interview / Feature Articles are published in Publications that are known for Brand / Sponsor Content. Since this is Paid  Placement, you have the leverage to glorify yourself and your Company Bander Productions as you like.

These publications charge anywhere from $200 to $999 and can be found on Fiverror PeoplePerhour or sold by a PR Service provider in Verification Package. For Example, An Article on Yahoo News or Finance can be bought by opting for PR Services of AccessWire for $350, LA Weekly can be directly purchased from them for $999,  Influencive for $100, etc.

Zachary-Kern-Schnall-Paid-ArticleAlso, When you have a full-fledged digital marketing firm for helping independent artists, then obviously you need to have samples to show them. Why not show your own profile as a case study to them?


It is a dream of many entrepreneurs to be felicitated as a Top Entrepreneur by credible sources/publications. However, PR agencies have found alternate ways to earn quick $$$ by including different entrepreneurs in a single article in exchange for a fee and getting them published in random publications which allow brand / sponsored content. Village Voice and  LAWeekly is one such publication where anyone can publish their own content for $499 – $999.  The lack of editorial review for sponsored content is the reason why listicle articles like this lack credibility.

VillageVoice Paid List

LA Weekly Paid List


Also, above both publications seem to be favorites of Zachary Kern Schnall, this is why we see multiple articles on these publications.


DJ Bander is showcasing his paid Forbes mention on social media as if it were an authentic feature. Despite this, he was featured by Forbes contributor Josh Wilson, who has previously been exposed by our publication for offering paid PR services. This type of Forbes mention can be acquired from PR service providers such as Swapd, PeoplePerHour, and Fiverr, for a fee ranging from $899 to $1499.

DJ Bander Forbes

We look forward to more Real Interviews and Feature Articles instead of this Paid one.


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